Surrey activists plan to rally against new immigration laws

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The conservative government recently passed Bill C-24 aimed at “cracking down on immigration fraud” and “reinforcing the value of Canadian citizenship”.

But Surrey group Radical Desi Publications says the bill attacks the rights of new Canadians.

Spokesperson Gurpreet Singh says one of the issues with the bill is it makes it harder for new immigrants to bring their parents and grandparents to the country.

“We wanted some kind of action. We want to send a message to the government that we are not pleased, we are not impressed. We are looking for an opportunity to come and show our resistance.”

He says activists opposing the bill will hold a rally at 5pm at Surrey’s Holland Park.


  1. It’s just too bad if the “NEW CANADIANS” are upset.

    I’m upset, being retired with a fixed income, with all this nonsense that trudeau started and all governments since have carried on with. When will Canadians, all Canadians, who have lived here and paid taxes for sixty years start getting in on the benefits that you get when you get here and say “Here I am. You have to look after me”?

    But I’m sure that won’t be a vote getter so it will never happen!!!!!

      • You must be living on a really big pension.My pension is modest and I am finding exactly the opposite as you are.The savings in my TFSA are not taxed at all.My income taxes are lower.I now have a “seniors” deduction and a higher personal deduction on my income tax return. And the value of my dollar is higher.
        Meanwhile,the “universal” and “mandatory” polices of the now dead Trudeau are still a drain on my bank account and on my personal rights and freedoms.
        Why anyone would look back fondly on what that socialist/communist did to this once great nation is a mystery to me.

  2. I’m with the government on this one.The people we want as immigrants are the ones who have qualified on the merits of their application forms.People who will work hard and contribute to the growth of this once great nation.And for the most part,their parents and grandparents are not going to do that.In fact,they will receive more in “free” social programs than they will ever contribute the taxes to pay for.
    Even well placed Liberals have admitted that the family re-unifications have been seriously abused.And with global economies being what they are now,abuse is some thing that this country can no longer afford.
    What other countries pay OAP to people who come to their country as aging parents and grand parents,and never worked and paid taxes long enough to actually EARN that “free” benefit?

  3. I know a older Moroccan woman who some how got Canadian citizenship .
    She rarely comes to Canada , only when she needs medical attention she also collects an old age pension check and any other benefits Canada has to offer.
    She has contributed nothing to Canada and has no intention of ever doing so.
    She can’t speak English and has no desire to learn ,nor is she the slightest bit interested in Canada ‘s history or future.
    Now let me hear someone defend her collecting benefits form our stretched social programs.

  4. In the days of my grand father , the family unit was inportant to this country , in 1902 there wasn’t verry much here than , He took the family into the bush , with a heard of Gernzees ,( milk cows ) They had 8 kids , And the family stuck to geather , and grew into a Village ,
    They married locacaly , which included Cree and Agibawa , and just about every nashionality
    there at the time . This is fine to mix the bloods , you end up with fine children , And that is the story of Canada But when you have a coulture that segrates them selves , from others and has a scam going on , where they do what they want , and after getting cought , and the rules change , they don’t like the attention , and make like the ingered party and squock .
    I wish they would do the same thing with the Phillapenos .

  5. I think we are forgeting the people that helped build this country , and are focused more on
    quontity , than Quolity , and in our rush to sell of the country , we over look the fact that a lot of these aren’t sutable for the country , and all they will ever be is a cab driver , yet he was a doctor in his old country .