Updated: City, Province say Kinder Morgan light on answers

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Updated: City, Province say Kinder Morgan light on answers

Yesterday it was Green Party MLA Andrew Weaver, today it is the City of Vancouver and the BC Government not happy with Kinder Morgan.

The City of Vancouver filed 394 questions as one of 400 intervenors in the National Energy Board hearings into the proposed twinning of the Trans Mountain pipeline.

But the city says even after Kinder Morgan was granted an extension by the NEB, it only received answers to 248 of its questions.

The city says it will ask the NEB to compel Kinder Morgan to answer its outstanding questions.

So will the BC Government, which has filed a motion with the NEB to also force Kinder Morgan to cough up answers,  after getting non-answers back on its 70 or so questions.

Yesterday Green party MLA Andrew Weaver also filed an identical motion after he says Kinder Morgan dismissed or deemed most of his questions irrelevent.

Vancouver Councillor Andrea Reimer says in what responses they did recieve from Kinder Morgan they discovered the company has admitted to a mistake.

“That they had in error said that there emergency plan would be available to the public. We are in a position now where they have refused to provide the emergency plan to anyone who might want it including us the City of Vancouver. As a result we are in no position to be able to comment on wether it is adequate or not or what our concerns might be because we can’t see that plan.

Reimer says this is concerning.

“Now to find out that the application itself had substantial errors in it. For a company to say that it is going to make emergency plans available upon request and then say that, that was an error fis, given the nature of the kinds of concerns the intervenors have, quite a significant and gross error for them to make.”

She says if Vancouver wants to see the emergency plan it has to meet five conditions, including signing onto the plan unconditionally.



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  1. Kinder Morgan had approval before any consultation ever took place, Harper will never stand in the way of oil development because that’s who funds his elections.
    Governments have their own agendas and we the taxpaying public are not part of the planning.

    • You mean shipping bitumen directly out of the country to China unrefined ?
      That program?
      Have they demonstrated how they would clean up a oil spill from tankers that are twice the size of the tankers you see now .We take all the risk with little gain.

  2. To those oppose to these pipeline projects, where do you think money for social programs come from? Industries provide jobs and tax revenues.

    I am 100% in favour of these projects.

    • Are you more important that others that are 100% against.like First Nations in the North and South they are saying nothing goes threw their lands including fracking until it is proven that the water will be safe. Looks like the LNG futures not so bright after all, what will you do Richy Rich cry and blame the NDP.haha

  3. yes. when your 100% behind this project that means you either have shares in this company or you maybe work for them. everything I have read so far tells me they don’t know how to clean it up. no safety plan, no way to clean it up there is no way this should go threw. put a bond up of at least a billion dollars so we know they will have to find a solution. they are still cleaning up the Valdez. I think it’s more then a billion and they new how to clean it up.