Cougar shot in Port Moody

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Cougar shot in Port Moody

It was an unusual and frightening night for people living along a residential road in Port Moody.

Police say they were called after 8 last night when a cougar was in a wooded neighbourhood near April Road.

Officers found the cougar up a tree, cleared the area, then shot the animal.

Police say it had to be done because the animal is too dangerous to be that close to people — adding it’s very rare to see cougars in the area but they do see bears from time to time.


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  1. Why do we have to kill these animals, why not tranquilizer and relocate, isn’t that what conservation officers are for? Sounds more like the coppers were coming to the end of their shift and took the easy way out. I sure wish I could shoot the nuisance kids who cause the disturbances in my neighbourhood. If you decide to live on the side of a Mountain, prepare to share your turf with the wildlife who were there long before you.

  2. In other media, a police spokesman says that they first tried to get a Conservation Officer involved. They couldn’t get anybody. Know why? Continual, drastic cuts to the C.O. service budget. At this point, conservation officers are far more rare than cougars.

    As for the police comment that it’s rare to see cougars … well, duh. Cougars spend their lives in concealment. That doesn’t mean that this cougar was somehow unusual and dangerous. Unfortunately, he was spotted and he died as a result. Is that the policy now? See it, kill it?


  3. disgusting !!! ‘Conservation’ ? obviously ignorant human decisions….I guess the education and training for a Conservation Officer, is how to shoot & kill…..its insane.