NDP education critic questions public school system

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As questions continue about if the province wide teacher strike will continue into September, B.C.’s education critic is beginning to wonder if the public education system is the best one for his own children.

The B.C. government has set a timer on their $1,200 signing bonus for teachers, an offer which will be taken off the table at midnight.

NDP Education critic Rob Fleming says the concern now isn’t whether or not teachers get their bonus; it’s about the best public education system for children, like his own.

“It’s something that has inconvenienced parents, it has robbed our kids of the education that they should be getting in the public schooling system.”

Fleming says he believes the government is failing over half a million of B.C.’s kids.

The Ministry of Education has been approached to respond but has refused to comment at this time.

If no settlement is made, teachers will continue job action into the summer, that is if summer school takes place.


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  1. Christy Clark’s son doesn’t do Public.; he’s too good for that.
    But she is quick to promote how good our public school is for International Exchange Students. Hmmm, I wonder why?
    Oh, … could it have anything to do with the fact that International Exchange Students bring oodles of cash to the under funded School Districts that takes them on? Bingo!
    Too bad those International Exchange Students take so much time and energy away from our classroom teachers, time and energy that should be going toward the regular students whose parents pay taxes.
    But who knew that!
    And now that you know that, who really cares anyway?

    • I think it’s totally unfair to criticize anyone for sending their child to an independent school. There’s a plethora of reasons that parents choose them. But I agree with your last statement – people are beginning to tire of this situation on both sides. Having said that, could the TF not have picked a better time to strike to gain a tad more leverage? Mid-June? Really? We all know the only things that happen during this time are videos and classroom cleanup.

  2. Blah Blah Blah….. what do you expect him to say at this stage of the game? This whole dispute is getting very tired. News items like this (albeit weak) are a sorry way of trying to stoke the fire of controversy.

    • Indeed, especially from a career plutocrat like Fleming, who went from professional student, to politician, without ever working a real job. He’s just a mouthpiece for the unions, bought and paid. Never heard him say anything with any consideration for the taxpayer.

  3. Rob Fleming is not alone. Those who can afford it will send their children to private and faith-based schools. This will even exacerbate the CC issue as the ratio of special needs to the regular student population will get even worse. For those who cannot afford it, they may resort to home schooling. Of course, there is the option of enrolling their children in French Immersion. But that starts at a very young age and good luck in the line-up.

    • As a French Immersion teacher, I can tell you that while it is better than English classes because we don’t get the ELL students, there are still lots of issues around composition. We still have special needs students: gifted is common, autism, behaviour, learning disabilities, chronic health. There is a belief that the composition problems don’t occur in French, but that is not at all true.

  4. Just A thought , what would it be like if we got rid of public scools , and instead , have mandittory private schools , the leval of educatin would be better ,and things like ESL , instead of screwing up the learning for some one elese , by haveing these students in a general class , when they should be cept seperit , and the best thing would be keep the vegetables , with the vegatables , and the fruites with thruites , Instead of this horse and poney show we have every so meny years . The government could realy screw , things up by fireing every one and higher Pillapenos , like they did in the hospitals ,