United Truckers’ Association to decide on desired pay structure

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United Truckers’ Association to decide on desired pay structure

Three months after a strike by container truck drivers at Port Metro Vancouver, unionized truckers say pay rates remain an issue.

The United Truckers’ Association (UTA) will hold a general meeting today.

UTA Director Gagan Singh says the government’s recommender, Vince Ready, has sent a questionnaire to all stakeholders in the industry on how they think they should be paid.

Singh says in today’s general meeting, members will decide on options such as hourly pay, a hybrid system or the existing system of per-trip pay.


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  1. Good luck UTA.

    You don’t have a say with this fascist government. They dictate what you get just like all the other unions. Try 5.5% over 5 years (below the rate of inflation) on for size.

    • Then in stead of complaining about how bad it is, go to work in the Private sector. Or are you concerned that you couldn’t make it?
      It would certainly open your eyes to the real world.

  2. Does this mean that snookums didn’t really put her pink high heal shoes on and come to the rescue like superman would when she went to the photo opp???????????

    She doesn’t seem any better than the rest of her circus clowns. YA NO!