Voting made easier for civic election in Vancouver this fall

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Voting made easier for civic election in Vancouver this fall

This November’s civic election could have a higher turnout in Vancouver.

Changes include opening advance polls for 8 days at 8 separate locations and allowing people to cast a ballot at any of the 120 community centres across the city on voting day.

Vancouver’s Chief Election Officer Janice Mackenzie says voting will also be held for the first time at the Vancouver Art Gallery and a couple of shopping centres.

“That location may be at a community centre where you or your kids take swimming lessons or swim or play sports on Saturday, near a gym or yoga studio that you frequent, close to where you do your Saturday errands or just a short walk from your home.”

In the past, voters had to cast ballots at designated polling stations in their neighbourhoods.



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  1. visions trying to get all the homeless and druggies out to vote too. I’m sure they’ll have reps driving them to the voting polls and encouraging them all the way on who to vote for.

  2. That won’t be necessary Ray, Vision Vancouver does not have any credible opposition and most voters could care less who sits on council. Of course they wouldn’t drive the homeless to vote, they couldn’t risk getting caught, in a traffic jam.

  3. We can only hope that a greater turnout will mean a smaller fraction of people voting for the Vision Party. I have to think that the Vancouver voters are intelligent enough to see past the destructive socialist policies the Visionistas are destroying our city and our way of life with … and will rise up and boot these clowns out of office

    Enough is enough …. look at the full scale looting of the coffers from the community centers ! Look at the bike lane fiasco ? Look at the restricted roadway access to the area that Gregor and his rich friends live in !

    • Municipal elections are the closest to home and still people won’t take the time to go drop by to vote.

      Perhaps if the quality of candidates was better there’d be larger turn-out?

      As it is we need an additional box in none of the candidates found suitable marked NONE OF THE ABOVE and have an other election, the cost would be a lot less than what it cost to have some of those spendthrift politicos who think once elected they OWN the city and us.

    • then look at the NPA that hasn’t recovered from the fiasco of running Anton for mayor last time, who are seen as lapdogs for the BC Libs and corporate special interests … do we really want more BC Libs at the city level dispensing favours to their corporate friends at the expense of the rest of us, don’t think so.