Bear destroyed in West Vancouver

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Bear destroyed in West Vancouver

West Vancouver Police are urging residents to review food storage in the wake of officers having to shoot a black bear.

It happened Tuesday morning at a home in the 200-block of Onslow Place, in the British Properties.

Two bears had broken through the side door of a garage, pried open a chest freezer, and begun feeding.

Responding officers used air horns on their police vehicles to scare the bears back into the woods.

But, as a Conservation Officer was preparing a trap and several workers were installing a temporary cover on the damaged doorway, one of the bears returned and approached the men, forcing the Conservation officer to shoot.

Police say storing food in garages or outbuildings should be avoided if odours from the food can escape the enclosure and if the doors aren’t strong enough to keep the bears out.


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  1. What a criminal act to always shoot the bears,we are in their home, not they in ours ,still the same attitude for the bears as were to the FN. A tranquilizer gun would have been more appropriate a life would have been saved and don’t give me that crap about the bear is ruined I am from the mountains to date we have counted 16 bears May & June. The bear garbage container’s work. The bears will forage for their food in the spring for young grass and shoots and dandelions, soon they will go into the bush for berries .All this shoot them dead and ask questions later is to save money for this government and it’s LNG plans.Bear shooting’s are just collateral damage! Every time they see one it’s dead! I ask who’s in charge of this insanity and WHY?

  2. There is one simple and cheap solution to this. Install a garburator in your kitchen sink and put ALL of your food scraps in there.

    For bones and meat products, bag them and through them into your freezer. Put them in the can on the road on garbage pick up day. They will stay frozen until pick up and will have no smell to attract bears

    Composting in the city is a stupid idea at the best of times. Rats, bears, racoons, and maggots are what you get for you efforts.

    No restaurants throw out scraps. They all go into the waste disposal.
    I’ve installed thousands of them.

  3. We have had 52 black bears coming at us in Glacier National park while at that time we has an open pit to throw garbage away there were bears always in the campgrounds, no one ever got hurt. We were doing the honey run and would just shoo them with a broom off the back of the truck these were wild bears and not tamed and they did not hurt people! If that bear had charged or stood up and waved it’s paw and snorted then he was a little pissed off, but I doubt that happened . These conservation officers are a Joke give them a gun and they will shoot any bear that just comes too close,please give me a break they know nothing about bears with this attitude,where were these guys and gals raised in a city?Get some FN people who understand these animals, I bet you will see not one shot fired and live bears!

  4. I have to agree with Johnny….composting in the city is plain stupid. I am now contending with a rat problem just because of that very issue.
    As for Ken280, did you not read the article? It says the bear was only killed because while the conservation officers were preparing a trap, the bear came at them, despite air horns to scare it off. A bear that cannot be scared off, and is not afraid of humans, is a danger. Sorry that Ken thinks a bear’s life is more important than a human’s.

    • Yes and had food the bear was looking for food going in the trap not for the people their you know nothing to what you say you trigger happy fool! There is such a thing as fair chase anyone who’s taken the Canadian firearms safety course along with Core.You think being in the wilderness and let’s
      say fishing that when a bear smells your bate or fish is going to kill you? Do you open up the cannons,you never been around bears and you believe whatever these people tell you! A human life or a bear is equal they have a right to live also,if people were not so ignorant about wildlife we would learn to share this habitat. Read some book on wilderness survival, ok! Then tell the entitled of the BP to clean up their garbage and save a life.