Is this stolen bike yours?

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Is this stolen bike yours?

If you’ve had a bike or computer stolen lately, there is a chance it’s now in the hands of the Vancouver Police Department.

Corporal Brian Montague showed off the large cache of stolen items found Friday when officers raided a house at Main and 47th.

He says if it’s yours, you can get it back, even if you don’t have a serial number.

He says, “They’re going to have to provide some sort of evidence to show that it does belong to them, whether it’s a photograph, a police report, a serial number, or receipt, something that tells us it belongs to them.”

Montague says 10 people were in the house.

One long-time prolific offender, 49-year-old Andrew Roy Cross, is facing charges.

More charges may be laid.


  1. So that is why they had the Main Street Blocked Off the other day , They were serveing a warrent .Took them 40 minuts to do their thing , but they were heavly armed .