Advocacy group wants better protection for women and girls online

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Advocacy group wants better protection for women and girls online

A women’s advocacy group is calling on the government to step in and protect women and girls on line.

Laura Track with West Coast Leaf says a recent study and report reveals females are bearing the brunt of hateful and sexualized threats online – often bullied out of chat rooms.

She says while only the feds can criminalize the behaviour — the province make legistlative changes too, “Allowing victims of cyber misogyny to sue their harrassers in provincial court to obtain damages and to get a prevention order which would assist them in taking down the abusive content on the internet and to prevent further abusive behaviour on line.”

Track adds women are also most often the victims of revenge porn, so they are asking for laws to criminalize the non-consensual posting of pictures.


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  1. Dear Miss, Mrs. or Madam Track:
    Cyber misogyny – who gets to define that? Possibly a group like West Coast Leaf? This would become another PC steaming ‘pile’ to make a bunch of individuals hired by special interest groups, bureaucrats and lawyers wealthy and employed. If memory serves me correctly, didn’t rape under PC become so “obtuse and ill-defined” that. for a while, it became a catch-all for almost any unwanted behaviour? Funny, for many groups, rape always seemed to end up something a man did and often didn’t require proof – just say-so.
    Similar argument for “abusive content”. Who defines? You can’t go through life and not expect to be offended – unless you hide under the bed – and even then ……
    A lot of individuals online don’t use their real names; there is usually anonymity involved so how can one tell if you are male or female (or something in between)? Many chat rooms, from what I’ve seen, seem to attract the mentally and ethically challenged; why would one even want to participate in this crap is beyond me. But, you put your nickle down ……
    As for victims of revenge porn; there’s a real simple solution for that one. It is – don’t let anyone take pictures of you nude or ‘in the act’ and you won’t have to worry about it. Try to keep it in your pants (male or female). If you get turned on by being in the ‘lights, camera, action mode’, then you better be aware of the consequences – especially with our current technologies (and I’m not in favour of “revenge” or really any other porn). Aren’t there already laws against this?
    But, there is a time when one has to be personally responsible for one’s actions and not just be stupid; and especially not expect to be rewarded for one’s stupidity.
    Note from me personally; use a word in you groups name and just please “leaf” us all alone – I’m done!

  2. You know, women make up 52% of the population. If they got their poop together they could run this country electorally. All this “cyber misogyny” could be solved if women could learn where the off button is. These creeps rely on a reaction and hitting the off button and backing away from the computer could solve this.