Update: Co-founder of Surrey Pride Week stunned by City Council refusal to fly Rainbow flag

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The rainbow flag will not be raised outside Surrey City Hall for the city’s pride festival next week.
City Councillor Linda Hepner says council decided to leave the policy unchanged, with the flagpoles reserved for Surrey, BC and Canadian flags.

“The request to fly the flag was exercised in that yes, do whatever you like within city hall, we’d love it, we’d welcome it, but we don’t have another flag pole at the moment.”

Staff say the current flags also represent inclusiveness and diversity.

Martin Rooney is the co-founder of Surrey Pride Week and he says Council’s decision has left him with a heavy heart.

He says, “We were shocked. It’s 2014. To have set new policy that totally excludes a very … universally recognized symbol of diversity and inclusivity stuns me — that they would go out of their way to ensure that that could not fly.”

He says he’s stunned, especially since the city displayed a non-government flag not that long ago, “In 2010, the Olympic flag was raised under the Surrey flag.”

He says neighbouring cities like Maple Ridge, New Westminster, Vancouver and even Duncan on Vancouver Island have flown the Pride flag.


  1. What no one critasizeing this story , whats wrong with you , don’t you like those happy flags , Harper should have one on his desk , to remind him of all the happy little tax payers out here in Vancouver . And How’s Whats her Name .

    • Happly little taxpayers . . . sharing in the 3 Billion in tax cuts in the last few years.

      Or if you watch the CBC . . . their brilliant Prompter Reader called it a 3 Billion govt shortfall . . . . laughable, and we pay for this service!

  2. The big story in BC is the Nanaimo City Council banning a Christian Group from renting a city facility . . . and not a word in the media . . . if the loons in Nanaimo had banned a group of rainbow types . . . the media would light their hair on fire.

    Shocked . . . just shocked that Surrey has some common sense . . .

  3. I listened to Roony on CBC yesterday.

    He spoke about…he “and the leadership team” and their effort toward their cause.

    When he was asked by Ron Cuff why he thought it met resistance in Surrey, he said that…”there are conservative mindsets in Surrey that don’t accept the LGBT community mainly as a result of a large South Asian populatiom”.
    He got very close to using the invented inflammatoiry word “homophobic” to describe these people

    That interview shined the light on 2 things….
    1) If you don’t think there is a LGBT agenda, you have now been proven wrong. No one is accusing them of recruiting, so don’t get defensive but there is such an agenda.

    2) If that were a traditional group lumping the thoughts and activities of a visible minority into an implied negative generalization, that group would have instantly been deemed as racist.

    Lastly, the response from Surrey….”do whatever you like within city hall, we’d love it, we’d welcome it,” sure contardicts Roony’s statement….., “We were shocked. It’s 2014. To have set new policy that totally excludes a very … universally recognized symbol of diversity and inclusivity stuns me”

    Any logical researcher will attest that lying and personal and racist insults are the universal signs of a lack of ground to stand on.

    Kudos to Surey for standing up to a bully.
    Shame on the “members of the leadership theam” of the LGBT agenda.

      • Well that is your opinion and thanks for sharing. The Vancouver parade draws hundreds of thousands and each year it grows. It is kind of like a circus, not sure what your point is. It is a fun parade and welcome of all.
        You don’t have to “parade around”, you can just watch.

        And while we ‘re at it, we should then ban the Visakhi parade and the Christmas parade….. Vile parades that should not have city approval. Just ban them all then eh? Back to no fun Vancouver. You sound awfully unhappy. Come on out and have some fun.

    • There’s that word agenda again. What is my agenda hh.

      My agenda in life is the exact same as you.

      I wake up
      I make coffee
      I go to work, I drive.
      I eat lunch
      I drive home
      I hit the gym (you might not do this one but that’s ok)
      I cook dinners with my partner
      We eat
      One of us might do some laundry
      one of us cleans the house
      we fix things
      we garden
      we change the oil in the car
      we buy gas
      one of us smokes
      we have a child whom we love and take care of and nurture
      we take him to school
      we go on vacations
      we have huge families and have alot of gatherings all the time.
      throw birthday parties and buy gifts
      Celebrate Halloween and christmas and Easter

      That is OUR agenda. What is it about our agenda you dislike or don’t approve of?
      Can you explain yourself to us?

      • I politely asked you not to get defensive.

        No One accused you of having and agenda.
        I simply pointed out the fact that there was an agenda within a group that identifies itself as the “LGBT Leadership Team”

        …and that they are racist.

        • I did not get defensive at all hh.

          I politely shared my agenda with you.

          You contradict yourself by saying no one accused anyone of having an agenda but then say that there is an agenda. You might have said “Leadership Team” but then I have to ask, and politely, who is my leader hh? Who is my leadership team hh?
          Now try not to belittle me and my agenda, and agenda that is probably very similar to yours but you seem to take offense to something and it is an agenda and a flag. I wish you could explain yourself better. Please try and don’t get defensive on me.

          • I said that no one accused YOU of having an agenda yet you volunteered your personal agenda (which is irrelevant).

            I countered the offensive dismissal that proponents of LGBT causes regularly exercise.
            I pointed out how in fact there is a homosexual agenda (by some) and proof of such came directly from a leader of its “team”. In thhis case he used lies and attempted to lay a guilt trip on detractors.

            He (and many others) feel that they has an obligation to change millenia old traditions and has developed an agenda to drive it.
            Within this latest effort they actually stooped to racism to get their way (ends justify any means???). I am sure that the brown community (not a negative term amongst browns) will not take the attack passively.

            No one said that you personally have a leader. You may be more like me and my friends within the community who don’t support a “team” with an agenda. maybe you want a private life similar to those in teh straight community.

            A question I have considered while reading your comments however is why are you so Bibliphobic?
            Addiotionaly, while being a bibliphobe, why do you celebrate their Holy Days?

  4. Mr. Rooney

    I live in Surrey and I value diversity so please don’t jump to conclusions based on your perceptions of city hall policy. This city is a wonderful place to live and work and there’s room for anyone that wants to contribute to make this an even better place. We don’t need city hall to set the example in this case, although they probably should.

    Lastly, I’d like to remind everyone that the Canadian flag on it’s own is a universally recognized symbol of diversity and tolerance.

  5. Three flags are appropriate at any city hall: the Canadian flag, the BC flag and the municipality flag. The Olympic flag was for a one off international event. If individuals and businesses wish to fly flags showing support for any cause or group, they are of course free to do so. Activist groups like to play the “we are offended” card to get their way. It is tiresome. That other cities fly non-government flags is no reason for Surrey to do it.

    • I am gay and not an activist. I am not my bedroom and I am not for you to judge.
      I am your fellow human being, breathing and trying to get through life

      I’m very tired of having the straight lifestyle shoved down my throat every single day for 44 years. enough is enough with you straights. keep it to yourselves eh? so tiresome.

  6. the only thing I have against the gay society is the way they flaunt their beliefs. why a parade , why fly a flag. ? can’t we all live together without the “look at me” attitude.

    • Hi Bob, well, the only thing I have against the straight or religious society is the way you flaunt your beliefs as well and your cherry-picking of what is right and wrong for everyone whether they believe in what you believe. You bible thump on my television and in these religious buildings everywhere. I can’t stand it. a large group of you were all praying at Sunset Beach on Sunday, it is simply outrageous with your “look at me” attitude.
      Why do you have to have those crosses on top of your church and in my face? WHY?

      can’t we all live together?