Updated: Privacy commissioner investigates after students’ information sent to parents

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Updated: Privacy commissioner investigates after students' information sent to parents

BC’s Privacy Commissioner is investigating after the Surrey School District sent the personal information of some grade 12 students to parents.

Surrey School District Privacy officer Doug Strachan says someone made a mistake.

“One school inadvertently attached a document that was the wrong document to an email that went to the school community only. There was what would be considered personal information under the Privacy Act in that attachment affecting about 250 students.”

Strachan says the school district moved quickly to address the issue.

“We notified, sent a letter, to each of the parents of the students involved or affected and let them know what had occured, what information was released, and what there options were, and who to contact. We also chose to notify the privacy commissioner.”

Strachan was asked if the ongoing labour dispute with teachers was a factor in the mistake…

“Well that will be part of what we will look at for sure is what are the contributing factors, if there are any, regarding the error and how it occured. If we can learn from that we will take steps to mitigate against it.”

The document contained student names, ID numbers, course credits, and classes they were absent or late for.

The office of the Privacy Commissioner and the Ministry of Education are now both involved.


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  1. Not good, but I can only imagine how chaotic things must be for superintendents and district administrators these days. On the other hand, Fassbender looked pretty relaxed when he broke away from his round of golf today, to quickly announce from the golf course that he is willing to lift the “Lockout” after the regular school week is over, so that a small handful of teachers could get back to work to offer Summer School.
    Then he stated that if there is no Summer School, it is completely the fault of the BCTF.
    Libs could not find a more perfect guy to deceive the public, he actually believes his own lies. That man is gifted.

  2. Perhaps it is time to air every last detail in our public school system from “aye” to “zee” so that everyone gets to put in their 2-bits worth. As if we haven’t enough on our plate.

    Just imagine if a teacher or the BCTf had attached the wrong document and allegedly violated privacy laws. There would be additional calls for jail time.

    One moral victory for the BCTF and teachers….

  3. “…what information was released, and what there options were, and who to contact. We…”

    ? (gets out my red pen)

    Just another teacher doing their job.
    You’re welcome.