UPDATED: Illegal dental practices raided in Vancouver

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UPDATED: Illegal dental practices raided in Vancouver

Despite two more suspected illegal dental clinics busted in East Vancouver, The College of Dental Surgeons of BC doesn’t think stiffer penalties are warranted.

CEO Jermoe Marburg says the college has the power to enter people’s private homes and execute search and seizures.

“The process is a good one, it’s a fair one, it’s supervised by the courts which it should be, we have the power to go into people’s private residences, that shouldn’t be exercised lightly, and it needs to be exercised cautiously.”

He adds “You’ve got in BC now two people convicted of contempt of court have gone to jail, one for 90 days, one for 45 days, the loss of liberty for even one day is a very significant penalty, I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a huge penalty in western democracy.”

Marburg says the recent cases mark the fourth and fifth investigated by the college in the past year.

He says they rely on tips usually from disgruntled customers, and he suspects there are many more rogue dentists out there.

Monday’s raid follows an investigation which included surveillance of the homes and the collection of evidence.

The college is asking anyone who may have seen an illegal dentist to get checked for infectious disease.


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