BC Federation of Labour slams changes to foreign worker program

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BC Federation of Labour slams changes to foreign worker program

The president of the BC Federation of Labour says changes announced today to the temporary foreign worker program ensure it is still flawed.

Jim Sinclair says the federal government is hurting both Canadians and foreign workers because the only people benefiting are in the restaurant industry.

“They will complain today and yell today and go crazy today, but they just won again today with this government because they were delivered more temporary foreign workers. And in fact, in the new program, there are no occupational restrictions at all.”

Sinclair says employers who claim Canadians are too lazy to fill these jobs are racist because they want a submissive workforce who won’t question labour abuses.

The changes will restrict some employers in accommodation, food service and retail from applying to the program in the lowest wage and skill groups.


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  1. Now that’s amazing, I listened to the Minister make his statements about the changes to the TFW policy… And I came away thinking that it seemed to address the abuse that is going on by Canadian employers

    Now Mr Sinclair is telling me that I got the wool pulled over my eyes and that the situation with TFW’s is worse!!!!! Thank goodness Mr Sinclair is on my side ….where would I be without intelligent people like him to set me straight !!

    • Chris you supported the TWF here on occasion and I was the only one screaming that it was taking Jobs away for Canadian workers you all(CKNW supporters) said Canadians were too lazy that was made up for years by you right winger’s,so you can keep the wages stagnant! More temporary foreign workers. And in fact, in the new program, there are no occupational restrictions at all.”This new roll over from Harper’s gang will not affect Vancouver 5.5% or Victoria%.2% the employment rate has to be higher 6.1% before they have to stop hiring Foreign workers, but the student mobility workers are not affected and many workers you see in the coffee shops are these foreign students under a different program. I understand Sinclair seems you have one tracked mind that Canadians are just no good and brought to us by your Cons come 2015 they will be CSN,not one Con standing ! Ha,Ha

      • Ken…. Honestly do you ever read what you write before you hit the submit button? I’ve read this a couple of times , and at best I vaguely understand what you are trying to say. I have been against the use of TFW’s in the Northern BC coal mine and was angered to read that there are over 400,000 TFW’s in Canada right now.
        I understand that the revisions to the TFW legislation will make it much harder for employers to abuse the intent of the legislation….but it seems that you and Jim Sinclair are not so sure that the desired result will be achieved. Let’s keep pressure on the FEds to expose employers that deliberately hire TFW’s instead of Canadian workers.

      • The foreign workers program was conceived over a decade ago by the Chretien Govt . . . where you been Ken?
        The Conservatives on several occasions have adjusted the legislation and it certainly has had some shortcomings . . . has there been abuse . . . you bet.

        But Ken . . . they did NOT Start the program, the federal Liberals did . . .

        Once again like ole Jim you are last to know . . . .

  2. Jim Sinclair does not know what he is talking about. As usual he has diarrhea of the mouth. Maybe he should become a headhunter for the restaurant industry and he would find out how difficult it is to hire canadian workers who want to work. They would rather get in line at the food bank.
    We don’t feed the wild animals because we enable them and they won’t forage. I think we need to do the same with the lazy Canadians. Send them out to forage rather than enabling them. Most of the industrialized countries do not have food banks.

    • Jim does know what he is talking about. Its not that difficult to hire Canadians. My roommate has applied at pretty much every god dam restaurant out there. He gets told, “if we are interested, we will call” and then goes by there and they have hired a TFW instead of a Canadian. And your words are saying that I am lazy because I am having trouble getting alot of work myself.

    • Canadian worker who wants to work at your beckon call 24/7 at $10.25 forever.just train and pay the rates of a labour shortage like you always say it’s supply and demand the right wing’s motto,that is for you but not when the shoe is on the other foot! See you spread a racist statement about Canadian who can’t afford to pay for Gas at minimum wages.Send them out to forage rather than enabling them that goes to show you that that’s even Impossible these day with the right’s of corporations controlling the forests.You also know nothing of how food back came to BC and how Government keeps them to not have to pay to have food covered if for any reason someone is down on their luck and the right wingers just say they are lazy and never ask if they want a Job! hence TFWP

    • The bottom line is this: If you cannot afford to hire Canadians you have a faulty business model. Period. It should not be fixed by cheap slave labor sponsored by government. If you cannot/will not pay a decent wage then you do not deserve to stay open. The TFW program is an absurdity and no amount of bullshit from whiny, greedy business owners will keep it around. There is a groundswell of opposition and the next step is pickets and boycotts of businesses that use the program. TFW’s will no doubt bear the brunt of some angry Canadians as well and they are right to be worried. If you are a business that uses the program, now would be a good time to start working on a proper business model.

  3. What an idiot!!
    Everything someone else does, except for the (useless) union people is wrong!
    Get rid of this blowhard!!!
    Go get a real job instead of always complaining about the someone else.
    Not every foreign person is working in the restaurant industry.
    Possibly think before you talk would give you a little respect.

  4. This goof still around? Let’s go to downtown Prince George or Vancouver pick 100 people that are unemployed. Then say here you go Mr. Sinclair, this guy just made your steak. Enjoy!!!!

  5. The right hates to lose one even if it was against Canadians and coming from Harper’s gang they will have one loophole or two designed for their friends to slip through.

    • You and nutty Jim should really seek help . . .

      Imagine if your buddy ole keybec Tom was running things . . . we would all be looking a lot like Quebec . . . does anyone write checks for billions for a Have-Not Country Ken?