Greens won’t run a mayoral candidate in Vancouver

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The Green Party of Vancouver says it will not endorse a candidate for Mayor in this November’s civic election.
After a special meeting tonight (last night) the party says it will run up to three candidates for park board, two for school board and one for Electoral Area A.
Vancouver’s only green city councillor Adrianne Carr will run again, alongside Cleta Brown and Pete Fry.
They claim their focus will be on affordable housing, and decision making that puts peoples interests first, instead of developers.


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  1. Gregor the ex-Tides front man is as green as they get . . .

    A green in Vancouver ensures future prosperity for Surrey, Langley and Abbotsford, as business relocates to escape the insanity.

    The watermelon party will take the city down the road to Greece . . .

  2. Thank god, if there is one. I thought all the trees and flowers and grass needed the carbon monoxide to survive. And I thought us as humans and all the animals and everything else needed the oxygen that they produce.

    Seems like these go greenies are tying to kill off the human race.

    Even more than china is!!!!!!!!

  3. Breaking News today 20th. . . the head of NATO chastises Putin for funding Enviro-Radicals in Europe to stop Fracking and gas exploration in Britain, Poland and the Ukraine.

    So far NOTHING on the lame-stream media . . .

    I wonder how much the local radicals get from Gasprom?