Lawsuit launched against two Vancouver City Councillors over Heather Place

Vancouver, BC, Canada / (CKNW AM) AM980

Two city councillors are at the centre of another law suit involving Vancouver City Hall.

The latest suit is alleging Geoff Meggs and Kerry Jang each had a conflict of interest related to the re-zoning decision over Heather Place at Willow and 13th, that they failed to disclose.

Jang says many launching the suit are members of the NPA or COPE and this is nothing but a politically motivated smear tactic.

“We were advised that we were not in a conflict of interest. I can’t really say much other than that other than it is before the courts.”

In April, City Council approved the new development with 230 rental units, with 52 being subsidized.

The current building offers 52 subsidized and low market rental units.


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  1. There are currently 86 units at Heather Place, vice 52 as stated in the article above.

    It is also worth reporting, and is stated in the Petition, that Councillor Kerry Jang himself recognized the conflict of interest in recusing himself from the March 14 meeting off the Metro Housing Corporation board meeting during discussions on Heather Place. If he were advised he was not in conflict, then why did he recuse himself from the Housing Corporation board meeting but not the Council, where in fact he had a decision to make and the clearest conflict?