BC NDP says Virk should be kicked out of Cabinet

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BC NDP says Virk should be kicked out of Cabinet

BC’s New Democrats want the Advanced Education Minister kicked out of Cabinet because a report on the salary scandal at Kwantlen Polytechnic University has concluded Amrik Virk had ‘first-hand knowledge.’

The Advanced Education critic says further investigation is warranted.

He says “Here’s the trick of it, it’s up to Mr. Virk and that’s the very conflict of interest that it’s not appropriate. He’s still in Cabinet, so we’re asking the Auditor General to pick up where the investigator left off.”

David Eby also questions the timing of findings released on a busy news day, “They issued this announcement an hour before the Enbridge Northern Gateway decision and they’re hoping that this story goes away. Well, it wont’ go away.”

The controversy involves government disclosure guidelines being violated when two executives –including current Kwantlen President Alan Davis–were paid an extra 50-thousand dollars.


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          • $100,000 equals $3500? I see you Liberal/Cons are great at doing the Math?How much are we in debt in BC? As for Jenny Kwan she did not have her fingers on the purse strings at PHS her Ex-husband did, it seems to work for Christy Clark & Ex- husband. Virk had deliberately cheated and then deny in the media he cheated to get the extra money for wages to the man@only good for Liberals to lie like this guy (Virk) I wonder if it’s any relation to another Virk in BC.! Ex- RCMP wow!,the honesty! I only hope they will come with an honest approach to the Quick win fiascos.

          • Do you think this Liberal MLA lied about it?He was found that under investigation by the RCMP he knew! So where is the comparison to Jenny Kwan The ex said he was given a bonus and took the family for a holiday why would she have to know what was going on, that is like saying you agree your premier knew what was going on in everything she was implemented in,maybe BC Rail or the Ethnic outreach quick wins under RCMP investigation also, do not forget it!

  1. Loved watching this guy in question period. On the few days a year snookums and the gang show up.

    He would get up and look down most of the time. I don’t think even he believed what he was saying!

    • Then move. Bob, I’ve told you before do something about it if you feel that way. You are retired and you have the time to make the impact. Less time on the golf course and run for council or MLA. Do something!

  2. Don’t agree with NDP often but they are correct on this one. I suspect a cabinet shuffle in the fall but would prefer this guy bounced now. Dejong didn’t seem impressed.

  3. Ken280…….I am not saying that he did not lie. I am just bringing up the issue that politicians often lie, some get caught, too many not. It goes on regardless the party, even within NDP. Get it ??