B.C. minister did not properly report Kwantlen executive compensation, review says

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B.C. minister did not properly report Kwantlen executive compensation, review says

A report submitted to B-C’s finance minister has found that staff at Kwantlen Polytechnic University did not properly disclose guidelines for executive compensation.

Back in April, B-C’s Advanced Education Minister, Amrik Virk, faced allegations that he funnelled $100,000 from Kwantlen’s bursary money to top up the school’s incoming president’s salary.

Virk was chair of the university’s human resources committee at the time, and he said it was a problem with reporting practises.

But now a review says Virk was in the wrong.

The review makes several recommendations, including having the advanced education ministry and employer groups hold a one-day disclosure session each year.


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  1. Can’t believe that one of snookums little pets was wrong. Can’t happen. Remember, THEY ARE THE BRIGHTEST AND THE BEST. The grand poo bah to England, who just yesterday received some kind of degree for dropping out the of what ever he tried to take and couldn’t finish. So I guess these degrees really don’t mean anything. Sure hope that the grand poo bah didn’t suck us tax payers in for the flight over here and back for personal reasons. As snookums would say, “YA NO”.

  2. That Virk misrepresented the scam as a problem in reporting practises is not surprising … given that he is a politician , and necessarily adept at seriously bending the truth.

    That Campbell received an honorary Law Degree from TRU is nothing short of disgusting . Campbell had the nerve to say that he recognizes that after 27 years as a politiciains he knows he has made some decisions that people didn’t like …. this simplistic revision of the reasoning why he had to leave the province before he was tarred and feathered is the worst kind of whitewashing of a sordid political mess . The man obviously is driven by his ego and is desperate to rewrite his bio for future historians. If he had any shred of decency he would have resigned after he was found guilty of drunk driving in Hawaii , and saved all of us a huge amount of humiliation and grief.

    • There is always a need to forgive and forget. I don’t see the value of bringing up rehashing issues since Mr. Campbell is long gone. Despite your concerns, Gordon Campbell has done very well for himself-has he not?

      • Its because of people with short memories like yourself that we need to keep Mr Campbell’s behaviour front and center ! Revisionism is typically found in states where truth and honesty are routinely abused , but I can see it in the Canadian mainstream media . Whether its Campbell burying the reality of why he was chased out of BC or people who didn’t live through the ’70′s nominating Trudeau as a great Canadian ( as the NEP is quietly forgotten) , the need to keep the facts out in the open become all the more important.

    • Theft and Fraud require an intention to defraud or commit theft. There is no evidence of intent only evidence of carelessness, which is not criminal whatsoever. This story is unfair to the Minister!

        • Chris, I don’t read the news report as new evidence, rather just a different interpretation of the policy. I take from the report that he originally professed he was mislead respecting a policy e upon which he relied. The new report suggests that he should have known better. So he is guilty of poor judgment (on this issue) but not certainly not criminality which posters have asked about. It’s a long road from poor judgment to criminality.

  3. Will he resign or have got immunity not to resign? He is an ex police officer and , I think he must be aware of the rule & regulations and law………