Update-NDP likes Coquitlam Council plan for Riverview Lands

Vancouver, BC, Canada / (CKNW AM) AM980

Coquitlam City Council has approved a plan for the Riverview Lands called “The Coquitlam Health Campus”.

Mayor Richard Stewart says, “It really is a statement of our view as a city, that the Riverview site can really be a tremendous campus for health care, both mental health and acute health as well.”

Stewart says the plans call for a mental health facility to be re-opened at Riverview immediately, but the site also become home to a new hospital, “The big component that would be brand new is the possibility of an acute care hospital as well.”

He says that would take pressure off Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster.

The Provincial Government owns the land and has asked for public input.

Some would like it turned into housing.

The New Democrats are applauding Coquitlam Council for approving a plan for the Riverview Lands which includes mental health facilities and a new acute-care hospital.

Surrey-Green Timbers NDP MLA Sue Hammell says there probably aren’t many people who would argue against the need for improved and more mental health services for the region.

However Hammell says she wouldn’t want to see the site developed into a big asylum as in the past.

She says, “There has been great changes in mental health in the last 20 years I think you would find that the huge assylums, the big institutions across the country and across North America have been closing because people found them to be inappropriate in many ways.”

Hammell also says a new acute care facility for the site would take the pressure off Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster.




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  1. This is a brilliant decision by Richard Stewart and the Coquitlam council. Let’s make a concerted effort to ensure they’re all voted back in this November.

    Well done, Coquitlam!