BC First Nations Chief says “no” to Northern Gateway oil pipeline

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BC First Nations Chief says "no" to Northern Gateway oil pipeline

Days before the federal government is expected to announce a decision on the proposed Northern Gateway oil pipeline, a prominent First Nations leader in BC is hoping it will get rejected

“You don’t see those same interests investing in social issues or social programs.”

Grand Chief Stewart Phillip –who heads up the Union of BC Indian Chiefs– says high-profile supporters who posted a full-page ad in favour of the pipeline are ignoring who suffers when –not if– something goes wrong.

“With respect to pipeline ruptures or tanker spills along the coast that would absolutely obliterate and represent a catastrophic damage to businesses and mainstream tourism, commercial fishing.”

A decision could be announced as early as Tuesday.


    • I guess you couldn’t care less about a massive oil spill twice twice size of the Exxon Valdez , a spill that would sink to the bottom and couldn’t be cleaned up.
      I don’t know how anybody can look the other way on this one.
      This is a product we should refine and use in North America instead of importing oil from Iraq which is why we are setting records for gas prices now.

      • I guess you don’t get in a car in case you get in an accident. I guess you don’t take a flight in case it’s hijacked. I guess you don’t eat food in case you choke. I guess you don’t use wifi in case it gives you cancer.

        Those arguments are over used and so is your reason for not building a pipeline. Economic benefits far far outweigh the possibility of an oil spill. Again that’s a possibility versus a guaranteed benefit.

        • Are you serious , what a dumb argument you pose.
          Oil spills are a reality and even Enbridge will acknowledge the chances there will be spills.
          No economic benefits outweigh a tanker spill so China can get cheap oil.

          • That is a observable FACT David . . .

            Your favorite line Valdes was almost 30 years ago . . . they still ship oil out of that port EVERY DAY . . . and the last problem was WHEN? Due to an incompetent Captain I believe.

            You must be afraid to go out of your house, because you might get wet, or hit by a car or fall off your Bike . . . laughable David.

  1. You will find out in a short while , that the sale of the oil sands is on . and China the buyer is going to force this pipe line through BC , and it won’t matter what we think ,
    The New Conservative Dictater Ship is now in power , so you can kiss your rights good by .
    And this Pot Ishue is retarded , Controleing every thing and every body is their agenda .
    Spy on them , build bigger prisons , and fill it up with pot smokeing , people on disabuility .
    That would take of the problem right Steven?

    • Lighten up George . . . you are spouting nonsense again . . .

      Thousands of native folks work in the oil sands and build pipelines . . . and make six figure incomes . . . you and the Chief would rather they were unemployed, yes!

      A few hundred of the folks came out to demonstrate in Vancouver last week . . . the antis are a small Well Funded gaggle of low info voters. The severely normal folks are all for progress, jobs and filled govt coffers to pay for pensions, healthcare and of course first-nations handouts.

    • You don’t give First Nations enough credit…and they will not be the only ones drawing a line in the sand. If their environment became hopelessly contaminated, where would you have them go? They are painfully aware of that scenario and aren’t about to tempt fate.

  2. what would the First Nations people like us to work at so that we can pay taxes and give it to government to help fund there’s and our schools, health care ,social services etc. not all of us can because teachers and working at MacDonald’s would not fill the pot of money required to sustain these services . Please do not use the word government we are the government and I cannot afford any more taxes on my income.

    Let’s be realistic , if we want what we have now and we do not approve of the pipelines then how can we pay for our lifestyle, an oil refinery is also good for the future , that is what we have to offer Oil or Gas ,or other commodities that is what there is a market for and what we have to offer the world , please tell me what is the alternative and what else can we produce and sell in order to keep up our lifestyle and pay for our social services .

    Life is a series of risks, you are not alive if you don’t take some each day .

    To work is noble and work is therapy are we going to deprive our youth the joy of having a meaningful life and we going to condemn them to a life of endless protest.

    please remember hundreds protest while thousand of us remain silent and go to work each day,

  3. Will this pipeline actualy bring long turm jobs for FN people , Or are they going to bring in foren workers to save money , No matter the out come Canadians get screwed , This is for China , Not for Canadians , We pay for the Pipe line , and the Bc liberals may make a little on taxes , but other than that verry little will benafit peoples in BC .
    And another thing the Conservatives are up to , last week I received a flyer , in the mail .
    From Wai Young MP for Vancouver South , It starts out with Trudeau’s Agenda , would make it easer for kids to get and smoke Marijuana , Than in the fine print , is they the Conservative are against pot because , they say Marijana is a widly abused illicit drug that can produce physical and psychological dependence , it is not an approved drug or medicen in Canada , Mr Wai , The Chinese Have used Cannabis for 7000 years and wrote about it . You aren’t to smart , You can contact this MP , at , Wai.Young@parl.gc.ca

    • George, in case you are not a troll I would like inform you that first of all it is very unlikely that somebody would go to jail if the only illegal thing they do is smoke some marihuana. If somebody were to be on court ordered conditions to refrain from the consumption of illegal drugs then they probably would go to jail for a day for failing to comply with their conditions.

      Secondly, the only way Canadians are going to get screwed is if we leave all of our resources in the ground and don’t make any money off of them. Thank God there are enough first nation people who want to earn a healthy income that can keep the oil patch working.

      Thirdly, if any companies have to bring in foreign workers then wouldn’t it be the fault of all those pot smokers who won’t go get a job? Maybe if we didn’t think so highly of ourselves to actually get off our butts and do a little manual labour, we wouldn’t have to hire people from out of county.

      Another question is, what does it matter if people in China have been abusing marihuana for 7000 years? Does that mean somebody with the last name Wai cannot point out the bad side affects and harm that it causes to the user?

      My last suggestion for you is that if you are going to accuse somebody of not being smart, you should use your spell check and look over your grammar.

    • “This is for China , Not for Canadians , We pay for the Pipe line”

      Just WRONG George . . . .

      China pays WORLD PRICE for every Barrel of Oil . . .

      The pipeline is paid for by the Company that builds it . . . in this case Enbridge . . . they make their money back by charging the oil companies for transporting their oil . . . it’s not complicated George . . . even you should be able to figure it out.

      And George . . . every barrel of oil pays Royalties to the Federal and Provincial Govts . . . which pay for your Pensions, Healthcare and creates Jobs for the future.

  4. For the Uninformed amongst us . . .

    NO Pipeline does not = No Oil . . .

    NO Pipeline = Oil in RAILCARS . . . and the CNR making a killing . . . with chances of a spill being 100s of times GREATER. But you Antis are OK with that . . . yes !

    The Oil will come to the coast . . . Period ! ! !

  5. Northern Gateway offers BC $40 million per year for it’s thirty year life cycle while directly threatening $15 billion per year in tourism and fisheries revenues for the province, revenues that unlike bitumen exports are actually renewable and exist right now.

    Adding insult to injury is that BC is expected to trust the same drunken drivers who just three years ago caused through sheer negligence the largest and most expensive pipeline spill in North American history. Anyone who cares to can look up the causes of the Kalamazoo river spill and read the US NTSB report on why that pipeline rupture was allowed to gush for 11 hours despite the fact that people actually lived in proximity and reported it immediately.

  6. Hay Dale , Thousands of native people work on the oil sands and the pipelines , When I worked the Patch , includeing Henuset , other than a few slashers or cat skinners . Most were Whites . I don’t know about to day , I came out of camps back in 1998 , And lived in a house with with a bunch of Native Artists , from up and down the coast , So for 3 years we shared our lives.
    The sea food was great and the stories were interesting , along with the art work
    I found a Jade Knife in my garden about a month ago . It is close to what used to be a Salmon streem .

    • Today there are thousands of natives working in the sands, there are dozens of native run business that work in the oil industry . . .
      Like most here . . . your comments are out of date and do not even resemble reality . . . .