BCTF, BCPSEA continue bargaining talks

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BCTF, BCPSEA continue bargaining talks

Members of the BC Teachers Federation and BC Public School Employers Association have been at the bargaining table all weekend in a downtown Vancouver hotel.

Bargaining continues behind closed doors, as it has been since the morning.

Both the BCTF and government negotiators have been working on a possible deal between the two.

There has been barely any sightings of people coming down from the meeting rooms aside from a brief lunch break where most refused to talk, and one pointed out it would be back to bargaining after lunch.

However, one woman was seen heading to the meeting rooms with about two dozen cupcakes.

Security has removed all media from the hotel saying it is for the negotiators safety.

Although the meeting rooms are booked until 11pm there’s no word yet on whether a deal will be made.

If not, then students and parents can expect their teachers to be on a full scale strike as of Tuesday.


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  1. Zahra,

    Please be careful about how you write your stories! You make it sound like, “if not tonight, strike Tuesday!” And while that might be true, it might also be that bargaining through tomorrow and any days after will yield a deal. As a teacher, I want to be positive; and I know that I speak for almost all of my colleagues when I say that.

    • I just want to say, although I am not a member of BCTF, that the gov’t stance on offering teachers the same as other public sector employees is not rational. They in fact gave nurses a 7% raise in their most recent contract, and then padded another 7.14% into the package by increasing the base hourly pay. That 14.14% in total. Seems like gov’t just doesn’t like teachers!

      • I agree that just because one group of public sector employees have a certain percentage, that doesn’t mean that the other cannot bargain for more, but I think that nurses are probably considered essential. By this I mean that if we didn’t have nurses working, people’s lives would be at risk.

  2. Why will the govt not reveal the cost of these teachers in comparison to other workers??
    I mean the true c0st. The hourly wage the pension plan which we the taxpayer pay more into than the teachers do. Our govt. should not be dealing with the BCTF. Tell them to go pound salt. These schools belong to the public.