Idea of a new, 4-lane tolled Pattullo Bridge has support in Royal City

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Idea of a new, 4-lane tolled Pattullo Bridge has support in Royal City

Some residents of New Westminster are in favour of a new tolled four lane Patullo Bridge.

President of the West End Residents Association, Gavin McLeod, says the city needs a new bridge to deal with increased traffic and to address safety concerns, but he supports small tolls on all Lower Mainland bridges.

He says, “I’m kind of surprised that it wasn’t at least a topic of discussion with the Mayors, I think a lot of people would be in favour of minimum tolling on all bridges that would probably raise a whole lot of money.”

New Westminster city councillor Jaimie McEvoy says he’d like to see a more modest toll than the Port Mann Bridge, “Generating revenue through road pricing and tolls, I think when people really think about it, I think most people will support it.”

The proposal was one of dozens made by Metro Vancouver mayors to upgrade transportation in the region over 30 years, at a cost of $7.5 billion.


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    • He speaks!

      Massey Tunnel, once replaced will feature a toll. You know that, you’ve commented on that a few times before.

      The Sea-to-Sky, I don’t disagree with you on that however at one point do we start tolling? In West Van? Squamish? Do we charge more since it’s driven less in comparison to the Massey and Port Mann?

      I would love to hear your comments. And this is sincere, not me putting you in your place. Please provide your opinion.

  1. Of course the West End Residents Association is in support of a new Patullo. They are on the other side of New West and would likely see a reduction in traffic with a new four lane bridge. However, that could backfire if the new bridge would be tolled, unless of course we slapped a toll on the Queensborough Bridge as well ?

  2. Metro mayors, by proposing to build a tolled 4-lane bridge to replace the aging Patullo Bridge, are stepping on provincial turf. Since the Patullo was designated as the toll-free alternative to the new tolled Port Mann, its replacement cannot be tolled. Otherwise, the sacred provincial tolling policy will be violated and no toll-free Port Mann alternative will be available.

    Having said that, Metro mayors are free to designate the near-by, toll-free Alex Fraser bridge as the toll-free alternative to a new tolled Patullo. On the other hand, the province can build and should build a new toll-free alternative crossing on either side-down stream or up stream-of the Port Mann to remain in compliance with its tolling policy-100 percent financed and maintained by the province, of course.

  3. This really highlights how out of touch politicians are with the taxpayers in BC, New West city councillor Jaimie McEvoy thinks everyone will be fine generating revenue through road pricing and he could not be more wrong ! …I have yet to hear one person say they are ok with this ! … Enough is enough, no more taxation, work with what you bring in already !

    • I agree, politician at all levels are totally out of touch with the taxpayer. Vancouver has Mayor Moonbeam, New Westminster has Mayor Wright out to lunch, and his bunch of morons, who spend the tax dollar like it is going out of style.

  4. A 4-lane tolled Pattullo is THE only way to go. This should send the traffic back to where it belongs, to the PM bridge, built by our beloved Liberals, upon popular request. The Pattullo tolls should be nominal ($1 or so). While at it, toll all bridges in the LM (including PM) with a small fee $1. Anything larger than 4 lanes would just invite more traffic. As far as that tolling policy, just scrap it! It’s not like it’s embedded in the Constitution. Cheers!

  5. @Astro-Agreed. Toll al highways and bridges at a more realistic toll rate according to usage. That will be much cheaper for the daily PM commuter and everybody should share the cost because every piece of new infrastructure benefits all by growing the economy.

    They should get rid of rid of the stupid tollling policy which was hatched on the back of a napkin, If you go on-line, you will discover all kinds of inconsistencies. It is simply an political instrument to justify highway policy.

    • These comments are crazy ! … We should not have any tolls at all ! … We have paid for and continue to pay for road and infrastructure up keep through gas taxes already ! … Just because the politicians decide to use that taxation for other purposes does not mean we should all be paying twice ! … We should be demanding that the gas taxes we already pay go directly back in to taking care of streets and bridges !