Home sales in BC way up

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Home sales in BC way up

Home sales in the province were the strongest in May in 7 years – that’s according to the BC Real Estate Association.

Sales were up almost 14% compared to the same month a year ago, total sales dollar volume was up by over 21%, and the average residential price rose 5.8%.

Association Chief Economist Cameron Muir says consumer demand was noticeably stronger last month with rock-bottom mortgage rates inducing would-be buyers to enter the spring market.


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  1. CKNW the undisputed cheerleader’s for the real estate of BC as pricing is out of reach for most BCer’s,but the foreign takeover of real estate from China or India only buy if they can flip the sales as quickly as possible, as Canadians become second classed citizens with the foreign workers program and affordable housing out of reach! You hear just one side of the artificially inflated housing market! Why not tell the real truth of who invests in this market!

    • Saskatchewan used to have affordable housing Ken . . . in fact some towns would give you a house . . . then they ditched the Dippers and got a government with some Common Sense . . . been booming ever since, prices have been going up.

      Rising prices are a sign of a growing healthy economy . . . I remember back in the 90s when a nice $700,000 home became a $400,000 home as the Dippers drove the BC economy into the ditch.

  2. Tax them as if they lived here. Take 1/3 of what their salary would be to afford a home in this over heated market and put that toward transit! NO tolls, NO road pricing. Transit expansion could happen on the dime of foreign investors.

    Christy just isn’t smart enough to pull it off nor has the political will to make it happen. She would rather keep taxing the taxed to death.