Bus drivers’ union lobbying for tougher sentences for those who attack drivers

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Bus drivers' union lobbying for tougher sentences for those who attack drivers

This week Metro Vancouver Transit Police Chief Neil Dubord asked the federal government to amend the Criminal Code to further protect bus drivers, and next week, the transit union will take a stab at convincing Ottawa.

Vice President of Unifor Local 111 Gavin Davies wants the assault of a transit operator to be considered an aggravated circumstance during a sentencing hearing.

He says, “Very small studies that we’ve done by talking to other transit unions across North America, that seems to be an effective tool in the United States in some jurisdictions, where if they assault a transit operator, it carries a stiffer penalty than a common assault, their numbers are lower in those jurisdictions.”

Davies also wants shields or barriers constructed to further protect workers.


  1. But aren’t we always being told that stiff penalties aren’t a deterrent? Or was that detergent? So Mr. Davies which way are we going to have it?
    We get along great with most of our bus drivers out here in the wilderness; most them are wonderful – but I would be a lot more impressed with their union if they were saying they wanted stiffer sentences to protect EVERYONE. Do we now have another special category now just for unionized drivers?
    We obviously have a social problem that seems to be a result of an inadequate, PC court system (note I didn’t use the word “justice”) – so how about we fix our lawyers, judges and bureaucrats that seem to be a fan of the catch-and-release system!