BCTF accelerating job action in the lunch hour today

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Now that the Labour Relations Board has ruled teachers must still complete report cards and oversee provincial exams for students in grades 10 through 12, members of the BC Teachers Federation are staging more job action today.

Union leaders have offered assurances the kids are not in any danger because essential service levels are being met, but many teachers have set up lunch hour pickets… reminding the public they’ve been locked out by their employers.

Classes are set to resume as scheduled this afternoon.

Parents have been calling CKNW to complain about various other disruptions.. including the sudden cancellation of choir practices in Coquitlam.

CUPE support workers -voting on their new contract this weekend– are not expected to cross BCTF picket lines, but their new collective agreement includes compensation from the provincial government for pay they’ve missed out on during rotating strike action by the teachers.

If no deal is reached at the bargaining table with the BC Public School Employers’ Association before Monday, tomorrow could be the final day of classes.

Students and teachers are being asked to take their personal belongings home.. just in case.


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  1. This isn’t anything new. Teachers have been wearing the “Locked Out” signs for two weeks now at lunch. Many have been having lunch on the curb because of BCPSEA and the LRB ruling.

    CUPE has always been allowed to cross the Lock-Out line according to the LRB ruling. Sounds more like someone may be jumping the gun on how to interpret a “leaked” email to cause panic and try and drum up Liberal support – not that I’m surprised from Corus.

  2. Definitely time to legislate the BCTF members back to work and impose a full six year contract based on the Government tabled offer!

    Clearly BCTF President Jim Iker speaks with a forked tongue and can not be trusted.

  3. The ONLY “accelerated action” or”flexing of labour muscle” should be done by OUR Provincial Government to order these teachers back to work and label them as essential workers. They are only harming our children and grandchildren.
    Compulsory mediation should be enacted immediately and a new contract ordered to be singed prior to school starting in September.

  4. Teachers are not picketing outside of the schools during lunch. They have been locked out by the government and have been spending their lunches outside for weeks. This is not new. By wearing “Locked Out” signs, CUPE members who are hot working with kids will be outside with teachers. Kids will NOT be affected by this.

    • Bull. They have been “locked out” of doing what they clearly said they refused to do. That’s a big difference to your sob statement.
      Have you actually bought into the line that kids not be affected? The BCTF has lost all credibility which has profoundly affected kids, once respected teachers, families, the general public and the economy.

  5. The bctf and it’s members act worse than the kids they’re suppose to teach. They lose a ruling at LRB and then stomp their feet and whine and cry. Wonder what they’re teaching your kids.