Langley parent plans “walk-in” when teachers walk out on Friday

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Langley parent plans "walk-in" when teachers walk out on Friday

A Langley mother plans to “walk-in” to her child’s school on Friday as teachers walk out as part of the union’s rotating strikes.

Brigitte MacNamara says “I’m already missing work, so I figured that what better place to be than in school where they normally would be?”

She says she’s been allowed to set up in the library and will take her kids through a normal school day — inviting other parents to bring their kids, too.

MacNamara says she’s not trying to disrespect teachers by crossing the picket line, but has been criticized on social media.

She adds, “I expect to be able to take my children to school on Friday and teach them without any repercussions on them or myself, physically or verbally.”

As for what she’ll do if teachers hold a full-scale walkout, MacNamara says she’ll wait and see.


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      • She obviously has to axe a grind with teachers, crossing the picket line, and asserting that she will be “teaching”, also whines about having to take time off work, ie teachers are daycare workers. She strikes me as an uneducated and unsophisticated woman trying get her 2 minutes of fame.

        • Are you really that shallow? She’s not choosing to take time off, she has no alternative because of the strike. Also, she has been very careful not to take a side. She sounds like a parent who puts her child ahead of herself to me.

    • School districts require anyone working in the school from teachers to secretaries to custodians to have a complete criminal records check including a vulnerable sector check. Unless this woman has these (which I am sure she has not), she should not come within a ten foot pole of any other children in the school.

  1. I sure hope she has a criminal record check, a full class of 30 (with special needs learners and ELL students), a full lesson plan that attends to the appropriate Prescribed Learning Outcomes and is able to provide formative and summative assessment strategies. I would hope the principal and school district would not allow this. If she is only planning on working with her own children, then she can do that at home. This is political grandstanding at an absurd level.

  2. Just what the government wants someone who will work for free well the government collects the taxes. I wonder how she’d like it if someone would come in and do her job for free

    • Shame on you B. This is a mother that is just soooooooo tired of the fight. She is not picking sides (like you). She is just tired like the rest of us. For me, my youngest child is three days away from “see ya later public schools”. Can’t wait.

  3. My god you people , she is trying to do something good and positive. She does not know what to do, so she is just trying to help the kids. Give her some different ideas, if you wish. Many people just want their kids in school, learning.

  4. Here’s an idea: Open your home up and teach your kids there for the day. The act of crossing the picket line and providing what is essentially scab labour is what is at issue here. Under the labour code, teachers are in a legal strike position. The right to strike (along with numerous other workers’ rights – e.g. maternity leave which this mom has used) were won by the blood, sweat, and tears of hundreds of thousands of workers in generations past. She is disrespecting the efforts of workers past and present by crossing a picket line. Shame on her. I hope the teachers at that school stand firm and don’t let her cross. She is inviting serious confrontation at what has been (to date) peaceful and civil picketing sites.

  5. This will indeed be scab labour. And subject to criminal check. Obviously whoever gave her permission has not thought this through. It would also be an unlicenced daycare. Several government departments need to be concerned about this as well as the School Board who will be liable for any problems encountered.

    • Is it, in fact, scab labour ?? Actually, Parents are owners of the entire business including, the ground it sits on, all the amenities servicing the building, all the buildings and all the contents of the buildings excluding personal items owned by staff and students. Seems to me they have every right to be there.

  6. I don’t necessarily agree with this parent’s choice of action but I am so saddened by the verbal attacks on her by what looks like teachers here. I understand this is highly emotional for those involved but resorting to insults against someone because they don’t agree with your cause is disrespectful.

    Like it or not, teachers need as much parent support they can get and going on the attack isn’t going to get you there.

    There are a lot of parents who have remained quiet or use carefully chosen words when describing their opinions of what’s happening knowing the backlash that they can receive when they don’t agree 100% with the movements of the BCTF. Stop and listen to how many parents are quiet as opposed to how many are actually making some noise. I think you will be amazed as to how deafening that silence is.

  7. Brigitte, good for you, you have my support. I find many teacher’s comments very bitter, nasty… would not expect that kind of language from the ” fine, highly educated” group of people ??!!

    • I am not a teacher. Just an average joe who worked in both management and in a union who respected the collective bargaining process and the right to strike and lockouts. Maybe Bridgette can coach a high school soccer team during the lockout. She can’t because that would be disrespecting the collective bargaining process.

  8. Number of problems. Does she have criminal check? Does she have a Day Care licence for more than three children? Does she have School Board Permission? Does she have liability insurance in case of accident? Will Worksafe cover? Then we have the whole issue of crossing a legal picket line.

  9. Why would any mother want to take her kids to school. Does she not know what happens when you attempt to cross the picket line? Like the shouting and the name calling that would be thrown about. This would be more harmful to her children then staying at home and let the so called ” ADULTS” get their acts together. As a mother and grandmother, I strongly believe that staying at home and doing what she planned at school would be far more beneficial then doing it at a school library. THINK ABOUT THE KIDS

  10. This is simply a case of a mom with too much time on her hands. If she was really concerned about her kid’s education, why doesn’t she go to the library with the kids or sit at the family table and go over school material,

    So other than for the purposes of stirring the pot, what is there to be achieved by such action?

    But, the idea certainly has the usual supporters.

  11. Scab? What an awful, archaic term. Crossing a legal picket line is not illegal, it is a right. I fully support private sector unions. Public? Not so much. The sense of entitlement is too much and the thinly veiled threats from union supporters says a lot about the kind of people they are,

  12. If this parent has to home school now, maybe that is the way more people should go. And-maybe more people should be encouraged to send their kids to private schools by allowing them to take more of their share of the per student tax money used in the public schools. The teachers have, over the past 25 years or so given parents little option, and every incentive, to find other models to educate their kids. The quasi monopoly has to die.

    She would not be crossing a picket line for the purpose of replacing the strikers. I see nothing wrong with doing that. The school belongs to the taxpayers, not the teachers. Its called freedom-something many on the left aren’t too interested in.

  13. Like or hate teachers…they are on a legal picket line. I guess she must be another Liberal that doesn’t respect a legal right that teachers have..guess she also must believe its okay to rip up contracts.

  14. Better yet…get on a Ferry and go to Victoria…she can teach her kids in Christy’s office. ..its probably empty too…maybe when she gets tired of this woman…she will tell Peter Cameron to make a deal

  15. I’m not a teacher, and I don’t see any name calling on the comments. There’s enough drama by this government, so we don’t need anymore, thank you.
    But I do agree about criminal record checks, WCB and a whole host of possible liabilities if this is allowed to happen.

    Seems more like a PR stunt by someone from Langley. How interesting that Fassbender used to be the Mayor of Langley City……I’m sure it is purely a coincidence, right :) :)

    As a parent of a special needs child….I totally support the teachers!

    • Depends what the parent is doing. Is the parent instructing their own child or the classroom? Have they been vetted by admin for volunteer work and completed a check before? We don’t quite know. There’s also liability insurance to cover these issues.

      Finally, we don’t know if this is a City of Langley mom or a Township of Langley mom.

  16. Ms MacNamara, although I support your noble idea, since seeing the hateful and abusive comments by perfect strangers here, I suggest you think of your well being and alter your plan. These comments have made me see a whole new ugly side of this issue. I hope my children have never (or will ever) have these the classroom. Completely shameful!

  17. Hats off to a parent who has the personal conviction to stand up and do something, anything to get her point across, this is commendable! The bottom line is the system is broken, both sides need to make concessions to get our kids back into the classrooms, the one we all pay taxes for, the ones we ALL own, the ones that are our RIGHT to be in! I ask would it be different if it were an informal walk in to be held in the parking lot on lawn chairs, reading, writing, playing instruments or doing art? Would it be alright if the parents who attend to carry posters stating their position within’ this labour dispute or is opinion only reserved for the BCTF and the unions? In this thread I am finding utter hate and abuse directed to a FREE THINKER! Someone who does not kowtow to the “man”, someone who does not follow the piper like a lemming to slaughter, someone who is not part of the collective of those showing solidarity when voting like their neighbour! I am a Langley parent of 3 public school kids, I chose to live here and escape the inner city of Vancouver and the narrow minded rednecks that live within it’s walls and are clearly posting on this issue! Kudos to you Ms.MacNamara, you are a voice of the silent majority of parents, the ones who feel change is necessary in the system, the ones who KNOW their children are being held hostage by a system gone mad!

    • And a Liberal government that disobeys court orders!

      Too much drama and too much name calling by people does not solve the problem.
      The fact is the Liberal Government has broken the collective bargaining process, by ripping up contracts and NOT negotiating with anyone in the public sector…..all they do is “mandate”.

      It wasn’t the teachers who disobeyed court orders, it wasn’t teachers who lied to the public and it certainly wasn’t teachers who locked out teachers.

      I would suggest your comment about narrow minded rednecks is utterly hateful, abusive and discriminatory…..and I’m a Langley resident!

      This is precisely the type of divisive, hurtful and counterproductive drama this Liberal government wants to create……they should negotiate NOT dictate!

      Could a parent count on your support if they took their child to Fassbenders constituency office to be schooled for the day? Because it would only be fair as he is actually the one holding the whole system hostage! Or maybe Christie Clarke could let us take our children to her Private school!!