Premier steps away from oil refinery proposals

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Premier steps away from oil refinery proposals

BC Premier Christy Clark says she is removing herself from any dealings with oil refinery proposals in BC,  because of her ex-husband.

Clark’s ex husband, Mark Marissen, is working with Pacific Future Energy, which is pitching a 10-billion dollar oilsands refinery in Prince Rupert.

“In determining the right thing to do in this situation, I sought the advice of the conflict commissioner, and with his assistance, I have today signed a directive to my deputy minister, that’s pursuant to section 11 of the members conflict of interest act, documenting the recusal and delegation actions that I’m taking.”

Clark says she is taking it a step further, and will recuse herself from all discussions or decisions regarding any oil refineries in BC.

That responsibility will be delegated to Finance Minister Mike de Jong.


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  1. So it’s private gain for party insiders, but public losses for B.C. with shuttered schools, cramped hospitals, ferry gouging and parking lot freeways. Pipelines are the most important decision we have to make in B.C. for the foreseeable future and she can’t be involved or lead. Resign now. Let people move forward.

    • Well said, Mike. I guess she figured she better take a powder, as her ex was knee deep in the B.C. Rail stinker, or is my dimensia showing?
      I just spent 2 days in the GVRD, and although it is bustling, I don’t think the province in it’s entirety is doing overly well. Schools and the health system are really in trouble, as are old people and handicapped. Ya Butt, the pipelines and LNG will cure all our woes. There is only one word for that, and it starts with B and ends with a T.

  2. Does this mean Gateway pipeline has been approved by the Feds and CC will never have to comment on whether she is for or against the Gateway Pipeline? What happened to her five conditions? Did the refinery proposal for PR meet conditions #5?

    After all the necessary decisions on her part have already been made?

        • You call that good she has her fingers into everything lately (RCI) that needs an inquiry! She took the Company that she sat as a chairperson and that Company made over 7billion in contracts and now she steps aside to not look like she is biased and filled with favoritism with her ex-husband,this if it were the NDP you would melt the North pole with your heated screams! You spin that truth anyway you like!

          • Do you ever get dizzy spinning?

            As for bias, your former fearless leader was deep deep in love and truly bias with BC unions. We avoided that. Thank God.

            The truth is, and deny it all you want, Christy stepped aside. That’s the truth.

    • I think it is a conflict…

      conflict of interest:
      A conflict of interest (COI) is a situation occurring when an individual or organization is involved in multiple interests, one of which could possibly corrupt the motivation. The presence of a conflict of interest is independent of the occurrence of impropriety.

      • For a heart beat, I was impressed with your eloquence….sounds like according to Websters or Wikipedia?

        I should have known that original and deep thinking is not part of your porfolio.

        Funny her involvement in Pacific Gateway was on the up and up.

  3. Almost unbelievable. snookums is taking herself out of the picture. Pun intended. Just think of all the lost photo opp’s. I guess this one was just too stinky. Even for her. YA NO!

  4. All She is doing is takeing the future of both the pipeline , and any future development of said oil , Refinement ,Out of the public eye , untill you get the bill for the whole works .