Province says it will make sure summer school will go ahead

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Province says it will make sure summer school will go ahead

B.C. students whose hearts are set on attending summer school this year can rest easy, at least as far as the government is concerned.

Speaking on CKNW’s Bill Good Show, Education Minister Peter Fassbender says the government is doing what it can to ensure summer classes go ahead as planned.

“If we do not have a settlement, if there is a strike and at the end of the school year, it’s not settled, then we will be suspending the temporary lockout and we would allow summer school to go ahead.”

What if teachers have already voted to go on a full-scale strike? Fassbender says it will up to them to decide whether to return to the classroom.


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  1. Does that not sound like it actually “Is for the Kids”.
    Nothing hidden, no monetary gains, just a concerned decision based on the needs of the Kids.
    Right On, Mr. Minister.

  2. More holes in this lockout than Swiss cheese. The province can always hire more bureaucrats to micromanage the lockout and ensure educators perform work but don’t violate the lockout by using the washroom on company time. Only the people who don’t understand education attempt to industrialize it. Kids are too unique for a one-size-fits-all approach. Here’s an idea: Build pipelines, fund health and education and get the province moving. Economic development, it’s only worked in this province for 130 years.

  3. Mr. Fassbender, here’s a suggestion:

    1. Withdraw the lockout on the condition the teachers cease all strike action.
    2. Call in Vince Ready to work out an arrangement for teachers’ wage and benefits,
    3. Incorporate a strategy, outside of the labour negotiations, to appoint a body to review class size composition – inclusion, and revenue to make recommendations to the government which may form the basis for future policy, on the condition that the current appeal be adjourned pending some acceptable arrangement.

    That will ensure the continuity of the educational system.

  4. So will this give him a few brownie points because he is announcing the removal of the impediment to summer school proceeding if no settlement is reached bt the school-year end?

    How clever that by removing the partial lockout, he can now place the onus on the BCTF if summer school does not proceed.

    One might question why it was necessary to impose a lock out to close down summer school in the very first place.

    Sounds like everything is unfolding as pre-determined. Thae teachers are whip-sawed

    • I’m very empathetic to teachers, but more empathetic to students’ educations. This is not going to end pretty for teachers or students. I still believe that disaster can be averted through mediation or arbitration, as set out in my comment above.

      • I suggested arbitration back on April 17th to be exact so you wouldn’t get a dissenting perspective from me. About a month ago, I checked out Vince Ready’s calendar on line. With the exception of a few days, he is fully booked past Dec 31. But who knows-he might be on a retainer contract with the government.

        BTW, my comments somehow disappeared and got posted in mid sentence. What I was saying is that “teachers are whipsawed by the government at every turn. For every step the BCTF takes, it is set back 2.” The hazards of an IPad.

        • @garp- Just realized that it may not have obvious that my Fassbender comments were directed specifically to the story-not to your post since your suggestions had yet to be posted. That said, your suggestions have considerable merit-assuming that adult attitudes on the part of both sides prevail.

  5. Fassbeder does the proper thing to help the kids, and listen to the whine.
    What has the BCTF done for the Kids? Fassbender is really starting to make this bunch look bad.
    It amazes me that people cannot seem to understand that the Employer can impose a lock out, same as Union can go on Strike.
    I am still at a loss as to why the BCTF when to the LRB and asked for the ‘essdential service’ designation? After all the years of fighting it. How much of their strike pay did they blow on that exercise, only to decide they don’t want it after all. Man what a bunch.

  6. Minister Fassbender shows once again he is a political genius. By preemptively lifting the lock out General Ike and the BCTF is either forced to call off the strike for the summer or look like a bunch of selfish hypocrites motivated by their 19% wage demand. Hopefully the union’s “kid’s first” mantra doesn’t imply being thrown under the school bus.

  7. J….OMG thanks for the laugh, I just spilled coffee all over the place. FactBender a political genius. Tell me you didn’t say THAT !!! He’s Christy’s puppet

    • Face the facts Mary. A meth-addict has more teeth than Iker’s bargaining position. When 40,000 unemployed teachers will wrestle alligators for one of the 30,000 teaching positions paying $90,000 in wage and benefits, Iker is bargaining from his knees and should be kissing the hand of Fastbender for even offering him 6.5% over 6 years. I have to admit when I heard Iker claim his strike fund was empty I laughed so hard I almost drive into a picket line. Is this the same big tough BCTF led by “General Ike” who only last week was beating his chest declaring he was “leading the charge” in bargaining for all public sector unions? And the “war chest” is dry after only a week of rotating strikes? That’s like parachuting into enemy territory, only to be told no one thought to bring extra bullets. If Iker was leading the invasion of Normandy, sauerkraut would be Canada’s national dish. With a track record like this, the BCTF would be better serve if they were led by the Marx Brothers.

  8. just like when he gauranteed that he’ll get school grades and exams signed…Which won’t happen…We’ll see how popular he is then…Teachers will NOT DO THIS…I promise…I can’t believe anyone thinks fassbender and clark are good political leaders….You must be related to them to say this…I can understand you hating teachers and BCTF, but to say these two Bubbleheads are what the province needs… You lose complete credibilty, or more likely you’re not that smart…I’ll go with Part B…..

  9. P.S. They’ll be NO summer school, unless a deal is done….And Fassbender will also be on the hook for this…Genius….He’s thinks that the BCTF will be solely to blame…It will filter right back to him…..Again…

      • Garp-I disagree. I am not sure what teachers you are talking about here. I am a teacher and grade 12 exams are not essential. There is only one provincial exam by the way: English or Communications 12. Often the marks on these exams are not even close as to how that student had performed overall in the course. In many education degree programs nowadays around the world, including BC, many courses are Pass/Fail.

        Essential to who?
        Why were so many of the previous gr. 12 exams that had a 40% provincial exam portion eliminated i.e Biology 12, History 12, Geography 12 etc.???If they were so essential why did the Ministry of Education remove them?

      • It’s not about not seeing the importance, but whether they will be instructed to do so. You have a group that pays your wage for your job and then there’s a group that tells the employees not to A, B and C. The BCTF is interfering with the classroom dynamics and activities of the teachers. And when you disagree you are punished by the union. There’s no freedom to do your job and perform. You are limited. That’s what the government is trying to change. The mentality needs to change.

    • Recall coming soon! This charade of a government and this continued fight with the teachers,they are wrong so many times and that was proven in the courts! You Liberal supporters defend anyone that will break the Laws as long as it is politically motivated and soon it will all be Moe Sihota and the NDP’s fault!

      • In order for a recall, one has to do the work of getting an MLA recalled. So are you heading this up? Let me know who you plan to start with. Ken280, do some work for a change. Don’t be like those philosophy majors who “invest” in RRIFs who believe them know it all; go to work like a true citizen.

  10. I really don’t know who Minister Fassbender is thinking who will apply for provincial exam marking or to teach summer school. I am sure operators are standing by…

    • I think you would be surprised. When you’re not getting paid to strike and have a wage cut, and you are paid for your time marking provincial exams, people will do them. As well, any teacher in BC can do it. Even the private and independent teachers.