Hundreds out for World Oceans Day rally against Northern Gateway pipeline project

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Hundreds out for World Oceans Day rally against Northern Gateway pipeline project

Protesters marched down Burrard Street to Vanier Park today to show their solidarity against a pipeline that could cross over 800 bodies of water if built.

Protesters of all ages came together Sunday, on World Oceans Day, to stand beside the First Nations community and protest against the Northern Gateway pipeline project.

Nanaimo resident Maureen Adkin says she is attending the rally on behalf of her family and all ocean life.

“We will not allow pipelines on this coast. No tankers, no pipelines, what part of no do you not understand, it’s two letters: N-O.”

Adkin and other protesters promise to continue rallying if they feel their voices are not being heard.

This rally comes just days before a decision is to be made on the construction of the pipeline.


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  1. Congratulations to all participants in today’s demonstrations. We are the caretakers of planet Earth for future generations. Northern Gateway cannot guarantee they can handle whatever mother nature throws at them nor can they prevent human error. They are however able to suggest that when the inevitable contamination occurs, their CEO will reposition himself in his over sized leather chair and say oops.

  2. I wonder how ADKIN got to the rally. She must have walked to the water and swum across the Vancouver. Oh maybe she rowed a boat over because I’m guessing she would never use anything that needs fuel to operate.

    We need pipelines and tankers on this coast. What part of, we need jobs do these people not understand.

    I’m also guessing that these people have never had to face a difficult situation like having to scrape by to feed your young children while your significant other is making minimum wage and you are looking for work. But as long as ADKIN doesn’t have to look at those tankers or think about the pipelines. She must be so above being concerned with a hard working blue collar worker.

    • So much hypocrisy among the “just-say-no-to-oil” crowd, when so much of our modern lifestyle and standard of living is built upon a steady flow of petroleum. I am very sure these same protesters would find the hard-ships of an ‘oil-free’ world not nearly as romantic as they imagine, and their fantasy of a environmentally benign energy future is just that – fantasy. The world is 7 billion people (largely fed, housed and transported by different forms of energy – chief among them oil) and the newly developing world is eager for the benefits that oil has brought us and that we very much take for granted here in Canada.

  3. Interesting, everything in this picture that is man made , was, in some way, influenced by petroleum or it’s by products. I wonder if any of these protesters ever think how their life style would be drastically altered without it ? I doubt it ’cause their minds are closed.

      • Intelligence is certainly NOT on display at the demonstration.
        Everything we have today, long comfortable lives, good jobs, affordable consumer goods and modern transportation . . . is ALL because of fossil fuels.
        This was the 1% of the 1% of the uninformed, far-left enviros plus the Foreign Funded antis . . .
        Take a little trip David to a country that has little of NO Fossil Fuels . . . check out how they live . . . that is your future if you follow the green insanity.

        • Lefty coast you would destroy all of humanity just to run your car one last time and call everyone else crazy! Time for the dementia testing! No one has any many other choices at the moment about other means of transportation Governments listen only to the money,whats your excuse? My friend is doing research for hydrogen transportation ,they had the buses up for the Olympics seems to work very well and now they are just parked I wonder if big oil or LNG has anything to do with why are those million+ buses are parked? You must know you seem to think you know everything else.

          • That is just nuts Ken . . . a pipeline has gone to Burnaby for almost 70 years, oil tankers have sailed Burrard inlet for longer . . . with Zero problems.
            A few hundred protestors in an are with well over a Million people . . . is almost like NO ONE showed up.

            Hydrogen? They bought the hydrogen from Quebec and transported it all the way to BC . . . did you friend tell you that? It was extremely costly and is no longer happening for that reason.

            As usual Ken . . . you are the last to know !

  4. This is such a burning issue that only a Few Hundred turn out to march about and spout nonsense.
    If they were really concerned about the environment . . . why don’t they go to China, where the air is so thick you can cut it? Instead they parade around Vancouver . . . one of the cleanest wealthiest cities on the planet, thanks to fossil fuels.
    These folks are Foreign Funded, anti-jobs, anti-progress and anti-future generations.
    They are some of the most uninformed amongst us . . .

  5. I’m surprised by the ignorance here. What would we have without fossil fuels? True they have given us much. But if we proceed as we have, we will no longer have a planet. What part of that do you people not understand???? Lol.

    • Learn that at school Jason? That is just nonsense . . . look around the globe, what countries are doing poorly?
      The countries that do not have cheap, reliable energy supplies as we do, are basket cases.
      Take away our affordable energy in BC what we we look like? Spain with almost 50% unemployment of the under 30s.