Teachers strike fund running dry

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Teachers strike fund running dry

The President of the Vancouver Elementary School Teachers Association calls it short term pain for long term gain.
These as teachers learn they will not receive 50-dollars in strike pay beyond next week in the event of escalated job action.
Gerry Kent says even though the union’s fund to subsidize teachers on the picket lines has been depleted.

“We recommend that our members vote yes, and support our bargaining tea, and continue to show the government we are resolute in our demand for a fair deal for teachers, and more supports for students.”

Teachers will vote next week on whether to go ahead with a full fledged strike.
Meanwhile bargaining resumes Friday.


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  1. In the REAL world where you and your union never seem to live you have to have a BUDGET and live within it. Oh, I forget, You guys don’t know about finance, you know just say to the taxpayer, We Want More Money from you Stupid taxpayers. We do not care that we are Overpaid Spoiled, Pampered and over demanding We Want More.

    • Al….you don’t understand that Teachers are to be afforded the utmost respect and consideration at all times . they are special people who have taken incredibly difficult courses at University,l like how to communicate effectively with a child , so that they could take an elevated role of “Teacher” . You don’t understand that if a Teacher says something then it has to be so because they are always right. you don’t understand the sacrifices they make , like not watching their favourite TV show at night, just so our children can receive the benifit of their wisdom !!

      Please .in any future comments on this site, start your statement with the necessary honour and respect for someone who is your intellectual superior !

    • LOL! Hey Al, people in unions ALSO pay taxes, you do know that right?
      Don’t you want more? Don’t you want a raise? Don’t you want to not have to worry about the roof over your head or food in your children’s bellies?

      No? Hmmm….

      • What you fall to understand that You are benefiting from your Taxes, with your salaries and benefits. We are not.
        We have been asked to give up $1100.$ a year so you can live better.
        What do you want me to give up in my Life, so yours can be better?

      • “Wanting a raise” and “stomp-my-feet-and-demand-more-or-I’ll-hold-my-breath-until-you-give-it” are 2 different things.
        And if you’re so worried about food for your kids on a teachers salary you must have taken the BCTF budgeting class.

  2. This is a peak into what the government negotiators are having to deal with. Absolutely no idea whatsoever about what fiscal management is about.

    The members will just bleat along like a good bunch of sheep and vote to continue this madness next week because that is what good little sheep do. If teachers in BC were about half as smart as they continually purport to be, they would mark the “No” box on their ballot and send a clear message to the union. But, it would all be for naught since it is the BCTF who is counting the ballots and we all know just how honest they are.

    • John,
      you may be surprised what the Teachers will do now that they know there will be no strike pay.
      I remember a little while back, where they we either on strike or illegal walkout for a short period and they broke the Can. Teachers fund set up for the destitute.
      Also remember that the Gov’t seems to finally mean it when they say they are not going to Legislate. Meaning, if they go out, they are still out in Sept.

  3. BCTF administration consumes 72% of members’ dues annually. The precise breakdown of budget expenses is not disclosed to members. Since 2002 there have been 4 full strike votes, only one vote resulted in a negotiated settlement in 2006. Since 1992, every contract except the one in 2006 has been imposed. The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour has litigation pending with SOCC regarding essential service designation. Final judgment is forthcoming. You’ve made significant progress on associative rights and collective bargaining in court, with more gains likely. The executive would like strike escalation. It’s negotiating record since 2002 doesn’t support this request. Teachers, wait for the courts and clean up your union.

    • @Mike:

      A lot of current noise suggests that the BCTF has blown its entire dues in fighting Bills 27 and 28. Admittedly, that may be a big amount. But the fact remains, pending the outcome of a government appeal, the BCFTF has won twice in the courts.

      They.might want to look at (if available under FOI), how much taxpayers’ money was spent by the government in a losing cause. No doubt several times the amount spent by the BCTF.

      The government has very deep pockets.

      • I agree with Ted’s point.

        The BCTF has accomplished a lot through the courts, and little, if anything through negotiations. The request to escalate the strike makes no sense. Wait for the court decisions, including the Saskatchewan case regarding essential services designation. These decisions combined it will change the playing field and put teachers in a much stronger position to negotiate.

  4. Point of strategy for the BCTF. Pick your time to fight and it is not now. This is now more about the BCTF bargaining team than most teachers.
    1. Stop all job action, go into the class room and finish this year while collecting your current full paycheques. Avoid further depletion of your war chest while maximizing the governments financial position (who thought of that tactic?)
    2. Do not hold a strike vote now – that is what the government wants. If you walk out, you help the government immensely. You save them money (your money) and you upset parents and students.
    3. Bargain over the summer and if you do not get what you want, do not sign. Save your pennies and build your strike fund/personal savings.
    4. After bargaining over the summer without an agreement (and there will be none) take a strike vote in September. Shut the system down in October or November and be prepared to be legislated back to work.

    For years teachers have tried to do what is best for students. It doesn’t seem to be working. It is time to let the school boards and government micro-manage the system. Do your best and bite your tongue as you see the train wreck that is about to happen. I know it will be difficult to not help “your kids” but sometimes a broken system has to be allowed to shake itself to the ground.

  5. Bet the BCTF wishes they had some of those funds they spent supporting the No Democracy Party in the last Provincial election.
    This is typical of the short-sited radicals they always have in charge.
    Will their pension plan turn out like the Ontario Teachers . . . where the taxpayers had to subsidize that a few years ago to the tune of 10s of millions?

    One day we will set the captives free . . . make union membership optional . . . and give vouchers to the students so they can seek out the best school, be it private, charter or public. Time to put the students and parents in control.

    Interesting: A district in the city of New Orleans will close all of its city-run schools next week. Permanently. The teachers will never again exercise the strike threat against the district.
    Charter schools have replaced the public schools. Charter schools are funded by taxes, but they do not answer to elected officials. Elected officials can no longer count on support from the teachers’ union. Charter schools can fire teachers. They can replace teachers. Union membership counts for nothing.
    Wages will become competitive. Coercion has been reduced. Teachers will get paid closer to what they are worth.