Downtown Vancouver overflowing with garbage, prompts call for more clean-up

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Downtown Vancouver overflowing with garbage, prompts call for more clean-up

The Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association is calling on the City to install more trash cans to keep litter at bay.

Executive Director Charles Gauthier says with warmer weather and people venturing outside to eat lunch, the garbage is piling up and it doesn’t appear there are enough receptacles to handle it all.

“This is kind of time of the year with this kind of weather that we do tend to see litter receptacles overflowing because people are out and about, they’re buying take out food and enjoying the sun and they’re typically looking for little receptacles to throw their discarded products out.”

Gauthier says he hopes the city doesn’t follow the lead of many European cities which put the responsibility on people to take their garbage away with them rather than providing garbage cans.


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  1. Mayor Moonbeam and Hallucination Vancouver look at it this way.
    1. There should be zero garbage
    2. Therefore there is no garbage
    3. Therefore there is no need for garbage cans

    They are live in a world of their own invention, with very little interest in reality. But, most in Vancouver like it this way-so perhaps the time has come to rename it Fantasyland.

  2. not sure why my first comment got spiked ? lets try again .
    I don’t see why we have to avoid a solution that requires people to take responsibility for their actions ? Why do we live in this nany state where government employees find more and more ways to ” look after us” . How about more personal responsibility and less governmental handholding ?
    When I travel in Great Britain , finding a trash can in a public place is impossible because of security concerns …. but this doesn’t mean there are mounds of garbage everywhere …. it just means people behave responsibly and pick up after themselves !