Two RCMP officers disciplined in separate cases

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Two RCMP officers disciplined in separate cases

Driving without due care causing death

A Mountie in Chilliwack has forfeited 2 days pay after he hit another car while on duty and the driver died of his injuries.

Constable Jordan Braid was fined $1500 dollars last spring after he pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention.

He’d been responding to a domestic disturbance in Agassiz 2 years ago when he swerved into oncoming traffic and hit a Ford Mustang.

20-year-old Steven Genberg was killed.

The result of the RCMP’s disciplinary hearing has only now been made available.

An adjudicator says he couldn’t determine whether Braid’s lack of attention caused the young man’s death.

Braid said he’d been distracted by the on-board computer.

The Mountie, who’d been on the force barely a year at the time of the crash, was reprimanded and had to give up 2 days pay.


Inappropriate behaviour towards a female subordinate

In another case, the RCMP has ordered a supervising officer in BC to forfeit 8 days pay and urged him to get special training after he acted inappropriately toward a female subordinate.

Corporal Tariq Qureshi was in charge of a road safety team.

One of his team members, a woman, grew uncomfortable because of his frequent attention toward her.

The married man would invite her to coffee, dinner and the movies.

She told a co-worker he was “creeping her out,” and feared he would show up unannounced at her home.

An adjudicator’s decision reveals Qureshi has been recommended for a transfer for similar behaviour toward a woman.

He has since apologized, saying he was unaware the subordinate felt harassed.

He’s forfeited 8 days pay and been urged to get special training and supervision.


  1. A sad event for the death of the driver in the mustang. The fact that the driver of the police car would have received proper driving courses, the punishment does not fit the crime.

    I am sure that he feels terrible about the event, but we the public would have paid a much higher price.

    This article does not indicate who the independent investigating agency was, or if the investigation was done by the RCMP.

    Of interest as well is no mention of the speed recorded within the vehicles EDR or Event Data Recorder.

    I suggest that the speed of the police vehicle much higher charge and a criminal charge more appropriate.

  2. RonE
    good idea.

    Had that same information been made available immediately after that RCMP constable was killed after he hit an innocent semi in Surrey, then perhaps the taxpayers would not have had to pay for 1400 police from all over Canada to come to the funeral.
    We would have known that he was acting like a jerk.

    that truck driver went7 months without a truck and is still suffering PTS from seeing a cop burn to death and has terrible burns from attempting to pull the cop from the fire.

  3. I am sick of reading about the RCMP getting away with murder. Okay distracted driving causing death is not first or second degree murder but 2 days pay! that’s insulting and then I have to listen to the other mob complaining about “criminals getting off easy” How about the RCMP getting off easy every time! And we the people are losing our life’s to mistakes made by the police, where is the uproar?
    To the media, the next time you print the story of the drug addict getting a 3 month sentence, please print the story of the officer losing 2 days pay for taking the life of a 20 year old man/child because he was distracted.

  4. Why in H did BC sign another long term contract with these clowns. It would appear they are drunks, liars, cheats that have NO respect for the law or the people of BC. I know retired members who are avoiding telling people they are retired mounties as they are Ashamed to be.

  5. This confuses me. I was in court when Jordan Braid pleaded guilty. In an agreed statement of facts read by the Crown prosecutor in court that day, he claimed he swerved into the oncoming lane to avoid a dog. Now the internal inquiry says that he was distracted by his computer. What is the correct story here?

    My granddaughter lost her father, Steve Genberg, that day. 2 days before the collision Steve and my daughter were at our home for a Sunday dinner where we discussed the life long responsibilities they were taking on. Steve and my daughter were very excited as they had been wanting to start the rest of their life together. They were high school sweethearts and Steve was part of our family, spending the last 4 Christmas’s with us. When they left that day I gave him a big hug and welcomed him into our family with pride. On Tuesday at 2am I received that call that no one wants.

    If you get the transcript from Jordan Braids trial there are more inconsistencies between the truth and what was read as truth.