BCTF says student walkout threatened for Wednesday means they support the union

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BCTF says student walkout threatened for Wednesday means they support the union

BCTF President Jim Iker is weighing in on a student walkout planned for this week.

A Grade 12 student at Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary in Surrey says she’s fed up with the contract negotiating dragging on and on and is looking at inciting students to walk out on Wednesday.

Speaking at Cambie Secondary School in Richmond this morning, Jim Iker says are supporting learning conditions, if they follow that action.

He says, “They want to see smaller class sizes, they want to see the classroom composition guarantees and the minimum levels of specialist teachers supporting them, supporting all students.”

As for another members of the BCTFs executive’s comments this week this weekend about a deal possibly being reached this week, Iker says anything is possible.


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  1. The group that is organizing the walk out said specifically they are not supporting either side. They want both groups to understand the impact this is having on students.

    Iker should let the student speak for themselves and don’t try to highjack it.

    I suppose the student are getting a lesson in how a group, in this case the BCTF, can belittle their cause for the BCTF’s own agenda.

    • I think when push comes to shove the BCTF is going to get a rude awakening on where most Taxpayers sit on this issue.
      All the smaller polls I have seen, shows about a consistent 62% against the Teachers,
      Once the General Public sees what the Government has offered compared to what other public sector unions have settled for, to what the Teachers are demanding.

      The BCTF continues to think, and tell their Cult members, that if you repeat a lie enough …. Like we gave up zeros to get the Class size and Comp, or they gave up something in the past for their ProD days. Not true.
      (Do we pay for Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Engineers etc. Pro-D days?)

      • This is precisely the kind of view that calls for government to break the law by stripping a group of their constitutional rights.

        It is interesting that despite receiving a mandate from the majority with such views in 2001, 2005, 2009 and 2013, we still cannot get it right.

        Perhaps, if government is afraid of specifically including the BCTF in legislation requiring binding arbitration where the parties cannot agree on terms, it needs to adopt a new approach.

        Too bad this issue could not be taken directly to the court of last resort-the SCC for a final decision whichever way it falls, By appealing the lower court decisions, this government is just buying time -knowing that it always has the legislative hammer to impose a settlement.

        That is precisely why it will not move on class size and composition.

      • Few doctors, lawyers, accountants and engineers are employed by the provincial government. But they ALL take development days, on a regular basis. The difference is that they build the cost of those days “off” into their consulting/billing fees.

        Just because you don’t see it, don’t assume that it doesn’t exist. Because it does.

        • Few Doctors work for The Government??
          Just because you are so out of touch, doesn’t make it right either.
          But I would suggest you do some reading, and stop just taking what the BCTF tells you as the Truth., because in most cases it is not.
          Unbelievable. Doctors don’t work for Government?
          And explain to me how it is built in to consulting fees. You know this because of why? Your a Teacher?

        • @ Dangler-Your suggestion that few doctors are employed by the government is correct. There are very few doctors employed by the government on a salary basis. But those, who serve patients directly, are incorporated as private medical practices. Yes, doctors, like engineers, lawyers, dentists, etc., in private practice attend “professional development” courses to maintain their professional standing as do teachers.

          It’s a fact of life that all skilled and unskilled occupations benefit from on-going upgrading of skills in this technology world.

          If they are salaried, it is in the best interests of their employer, be it private or public to pay for part or all of the upgrading. After all, the employer benefits.

          One has to be very uninformed or live underneath a rock to not know that the cost of self-employed professionsals attending those sessions and conventions are built-into their fee schedules or paid by their employers.

          And for the self-employed, the cost of attending conventions in tropical paradise are legitimate business expenses for income tax purposes.

          I don’t think you are out of touch at all. I’m not a teacher but a retired professional.

      • The parents are supporting teachers they see the cuts have hurt Teachers ability to teach. Cult membership, give it a rest! Most teachers have more smarts in their little finger than you have in your whole body!

        • Now how the hell would you know that, Ken280?
          The truth be known, Ken 280, I did very well in life, in the Private sector. Very well indeed.
          Why don’t you point out just exactly where they know so much more.
          Don’t just shoot your mouth off, show me.

          • Dwight, Ken makes a point. I take it he has followed your posts which historically demonstrate intentional ignorance of all the issues; this may well be because of your Liberal insider status, which forces you to take adversarial positions to public issues which negatively affect the Liberal Party – I understand.

          • @Dwight;

            Easy now…. you’re getting rather emotional now. Perhaps you are in need of counselling in Anger Management.

            How about stating some facts to support your opinion instead…?

          • Point out where I am wrong all the time. Show me facts, not stuff that came from Ken280, show me facts. Talk on your side of the Table is cheap.

            Are you and Ken 280 jealous
            Wow, to spend so much time going back over my posts.

  2. I suppose the government has never, ever grabbed onto a student initiative for their own political gain? I’m sure Christy Clark thought up that whole anti bullying campaign on her own!

    • The leaders of the student walkout stated categorically they weren’t supporting either side. The BCTF decided to ignore the student they are supposedly fighting for.

      It’s about wages. Which is fine but the BCTF should stop the game playing and be upfront about it.

      • The government continues to insist that “it’s all about the kids”. But it isn’t – it’s all about the cost, and what that will mean to the government’s ridiculous “balanced budget promise”.

        The government should stop the game playing and be upfront about it.

        • The government main position is that they have to be financially responsible. It’s not a blank cheque. How much more upfront do they need to be?

          • Then tell your BC Liberals to stop cost overruns and keep their hand out of the ALR and please! tell them to be honest and upfront with us all,open and transparent,tell them only to bring in the brightest and best at a far cheaper rate that they want to bestow on everyone else,please tell them to stop spending money for their pipedreams and LNG until they get some contracts and be up and running,tell the public when we can see the earliest return on our so called investments, as in the election promises,please be upfront with all the people of BC and when you hold a tea party and other events that is paid by Government tax dollars all party supporters are invited and not participated in secrets as Brian Bonney suggested.Please tell your BC Liberals to govern for the all the people of BC and not sell us out to Foreign investors! I can think of 1000 more, but you get the point! 2017 should be really interesting and bets Christy Clark will be the leader? Recall coming soon!

  3. For 12 years of their lives they are riddled by the teachers union ideology.
    Why not have courses earlier on about life as it really is, May be Michael cambell and or bruce allen could give a lesson or to about real life issues.

  4. I don’t know about you, but when I was in high school I could have cared less about whether my class had 28 or 42 students. I thought more about if my buddies or if the cute girls where there. Of course I cared about getting the cool teachers too (no one wanted crazy Mrs Smith even if there were only 5 kids in her class). And yes, I would’ve stood up for my favourite teachers, although now I know I only knew and bought what they told me. Most issues were based on emotion and not so much common sense or fact. But still, we knew everything.
    Get real Iker, they just want to move on to the next stage of life. Why aren’t you just letting them?

    • I could have cared less about whether my class had 28 or 42 students. I thought more about if my buddies or if the cute girls where there. Now look at you here always looking for your Buddies, fellow liberal insiders and the girls well that would be another story now would it not! Seems you would have done really good for yourself with smaller classes!

  5. BCTF would look at a tree and declare that trees are in support. This is all about the BCTF wanting to take over education. Their demands are over the hill and not sustainable.

    • Exactly. I can’t the believe the spin Iker puts on actions by other groups when they made it clear they were in the middle and not taking sides. I guess the DPAC groups are also in support of the BCTF – I think not.

  6. While we need to take Victoria, the grade 12 Lord Tweedsmuir student at her word that she isn’t taking sides, it is always smart to stake out one’s position before the other side does.

    I’m sure Iker can live with the inevitable response which predictably comes from the anti-BCTF crowd.

  7. Good on these kids. I don’t think they are on one side or the other, they just want a settlement because being in grade 12 they have the most to lose. Certainly the teachers don’t. I am so incredibly fed up with every couple of years or so going through this. No matter what they just cannot be happy. We all want raises, we would all like paid days off and to work 10 months of the year. It doesn’t work that way in the real world and the incredible pension package they get. If they want what teachers get in Alberta and Ontario, simple, go live there. Both sides need to sort this out NOW!!!

    • In your “real world”, people work for the least amount that companies will pay, receive no benefits, are typically denied enough hours to qualify for anything, and have zero protections at work.

      In the early days of Canada, we welcomed slaves from China and South Asia. We could whip them, abuse them, hold back their wages, and then ship them back. All good, right? And then the dreaded unions came along. Uh-oh.

      If you don’t like the way things work in Canada, there are dozens if not hundreds of countries around the world that would welcome you as an abused slave. Just sign on the dotted line.

      • Hmmm. In my ” Real World” I am much better paid and receive at least equal benefits working for a small company than I did in my 28 years served in one of Canada`s largest unions.

        The truth is that Unions and organizations like the BCTF have become big businesses themselves. More concerned about their own bottom line than their individual members.

        • You mean they have lots of money in their pension funds and make educated investment.Then the right winger’s carpetbaggers are always trying to dismantle the Teachers union! Do you think to get after the pension funds?

      • Dangler, the real world is about adding value, enhancing your skills and increasing productivity. The public sector union world, which is in no way like the private sector union world, is about protecting mediocrity and sticking it to taxpayers.

        You seem to have an issue with someone expressing a different view. You tell Pam to either like it or leave the country. In a post on the subject of Legal Aid Lawyers withholding their services this summer, you told me to move to Iran when I dared to suggest the reason for court delays and expense was due to the games played by lawyers. No room for dissenting opinion in your world?

  8. Arrogant, militant union. The students are fed up, the high school kids have dealt with 12 years of this group’s crap. They are finally saying enough is enough. Good on them.

    Fire the entire union and hire back the teachers that actually want to teach.

    • Well said Kimberly, Iker and his BCTF need a good taste of Ronald Reagan its sad that we have to entrust our children to the federation as they are the second parents. This is why we put our children in the independent system where we had a hands on relationship with the school and the teachers and parents were a welcome part of the child’s education .

    • Yes… Canada should aspire to be more like the United States, by following the doctorine of one of its most right wing leaders! While we’re at it, let’s privatize all of our public services and cancel that pesky universal health care program. Survival of the fittest! Sounds like a great way to live. Oh by the way… how does the US education system stack up against Canada’s? Not very well!

  9. I agree, a student walk-out is much the same as a teacher strike (walk-out). It is a protest of all the cut backs this government has done to our education system! We are $1000 per student lower than the Canadian average (we must be one of the poorest regions in Canada).

        • That is a pretty long bow, Garp. Are you really implying that if the BCTF does not get what it wants, today’s and tomorrow’s kids will be so uneducated that they will not be able to hold down a job and pay taxes. Hail the omnipotence of the public school teacher.

          • @Don,

            No, I’m having fun with Ron_26. I actually agree that we cannot afford the BCTF’s demands, but we cannot afford to trivialize the class size/composition. Somehow it has to be addressed – there’s no appetite on the Liberal side for that. To say – as Ron_26 says in her post that we will all lose if we, as a province, fund education properly is narrow thought in its extreme. She’s generally a lot less frivolous in her posts!

      • Hey “Insite?”
        I have given facts, yet you, Ken 280 and Garp, just ignore them. As Garp, complained he/she doesn’t like stats. That is of course unless they favor the Teachers.
        Aboriginal grads up. Special needs grads up, PISA scores up.
        Explain those facts, “Insite?”, Ken 280, Garp. Now is your chance to prove me wrong. And not just I don’t like that stat. Prove me wrong.

          • What are you not getting, Garp? Those are the stats. What empirical evidence are you willing to share that disproves them, or are you just going to hide behind the “trust me, I know and you don’t” argument? Sorry, teach, not falling for it.

          • @ Don @ Dwight

            Dwight has put forward a Public Challenge, which he obviously is incapable of following up.

            No backup for his states have been provided! – just defiance for production – typical! We’ll as it happens, I did attempt to find support for your stats. Seems that Nanaimo School District has improved Aboriginal Graduation. That’s one District in the Province – so you can extrapolate whatever you want from that, but unless all the background data is available, that information by itself is useless.

            Also, improved testing scores you claim show improvement in education, is as a direct result of decreasing the difficulty of the base test.

            Also, you are terribly mistaken if you think I’m a teacher, but your false assumptions should not surprise anyone.

            You, my friends, are here only for the sole and only purpose to distort information and mislead the public.

          • SO Garp, let me get this straight. You spout off thatw hat I say is wrong,
            THEN you go about disproving it,
            THEN when you can’t, you come back at me for proof.
            Wow, great concept. Is that how you teach the kids.

        • @Dwight:

          Funny thing. This little round thing on my lap top screen keeps going “around and around”and says “WAIT”until Dwight comes up with his usual show and tell FICTION” of the day.

          And predictably, Dwight delivers on cue and his fiction is sooooo predictable.

        • @dwight:

          . Of course, one will see improvement in class performance if it is compared to the class you attended. Since it couldn’t ‘t get worse, there had to be an improvement because the class is no longer being held back.

          • Hey dubruk, you must be a Teacher, starting off by name calling, and attempting to belittle. That seems to be the thread here.

            KEN280, You want funding levels back to 2001. If that’s what Teachers want, I don’t see that as a problem.

          • “Insite?” what the hell are you talking about. Did you not read or comprehend, what I said.
            If the argument don’t fit make up your own.

            I am still waiting for you and your comrades to show me your figures to dispute what I said.
            Just as I thought, nothing, just more BS.
            Show me where my numbers are wrong.

        • The government broke the laws and that is a fact. Could you imagine how much of a score card you would be holding if the funding was restored to the 2001 levels that the courts ordered we do have awesome teachers! Now those are the real facts Joe!

    • Thanks for the kind words, dubruk, must be a Teacher.
      Why don’t you prove me wrong. Would that not be the best thing, instead of just trying to belittle me.
      Talk is cheap, at least on your side.

      • @Dwight

        If the teachers are doing such a great job with all of the fantastic stats they are producing in a time of declining supports and funding, we should be rewarding them financially for their amazing work, should we not? This is what they do in the private sector, no? Bonus here, raise there… just keep churning out those “results”. Well, you’ve said it yourself, Dwight. The stats are there, so show them the money!

        • Yes, they are doing their jobs. Are you implying they were not doing their best before? Maybe the’under funding’ has made them work a little harder, and look what happen. Bravo.

          • No, I don’t think it’s that simple, Dwight. I would chalk it up to better education of teachers, better professional development, increased awareness and improved strategies to deal with special needs, etc. The education profession is not static. Just as other industries evolve and improve over time, so does the education of students, though the commitment and professionalism of teachers. Here’s an analogy: Health care outcomes are much better than they were thirty years ago. According to your logic, that is because doctors and nurses are now working so much harder than they did in the past.

  10. What is there to prove anything about you.You are right wing nut most likely with no much education as your friends in government of the day.Your premier holds a degree in nothing ,did you graduate from same school?