Filipino community says temporary foreign workers need more support

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Filipino community says temporary foreign workers need more support

Local Filipinos say temporary foreign workers in Canada need more support.

Describing Canada’s immigration policy as largely employer-driven and “temporary status” in nature, the Filipino community wants to see the Temporary Foreign Workers program changed.

Philippine Independence Day Society President Narima Dela Cruz says the workers are struggling.

“We need to show our support. We can’t be silent observers anymore and tell people that we are advocates.”

President of the Victoria Filipino Canadian Association, Dominga Passmore says if workers are fit to come to Canada to work then they are fit to stay in Canada.

“We need to advocate for the TFWs, not only the Filipino but everybody else who are TFWs, anybody from Mexico and then other countries because we are the only ones who can help them.”

There are an estimated 400,000 temporary foreign workers across Canada.


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  1. Yes! 400,000 TFW that have came to Canada and displace our Canadian workers and you know how you did this and supported the takeover of Canadian’s for your own people with adage that Canadian will not do the work which is BS ,they were never asked to fill in the applications on every unskilled job know to man! Jobs the Canadian students had in the summer are now in the hand of TFW’s.Now you want to have permanent status while people living here for years are sent home because of some laws that the government thinks at that moment to act on! I think with Canadian youth high unemployment will put a damper to what they are asking! I have said they should not come here as TFW’ but as landed if we need them and the ones now here should be allowed to say and the illegals should be given amnesty! We need to address the scope of just how many people we have in Canada and working under the table and get them paying taxes,amnesty for all and stop immigration for awhile.It would be more than fair for now!

  2. If we have anywhere near 400,000 TFW’s then there needs to be a public enquiry yesterday , and the responsible politicians need to be tarred and feathered and booted out of office without a pension

  3. Nothing against any of these people. There must have been some conditions upon their entry. Maybe some of these companies will have to pay more. I’d like to know if the company is covering their medical.

  4. The guilty parties are Tim Horton and McDonald. they are the one created this problem. TFW should not be allow to come here after we fill them with our local people. I will not go patronize that 2 fast food joints.

  5. Where is snookums on this one. She said at one of her many photo opp’s that in her heart she had always felt like a Filipino. Well here is her chance. Where is snookums when the Filipino’s need her? Right. Like every other time. Looking for the next photo opp!!!!!

    Come on snookie. Send money. Lots of it. Kelowna will embrace you come next election. Well hopefully as good as Point Grey did.

    • She is involved in all of this with that Ethnic outreach scandal,her heart was always a Filipina and some promise for more Filipinos to come here and get Jobs and some to do welding lots of them as Rich Colman said they are the best welders in the world.
      Zoie Wise and Universal Immigration! They even fast track immigration with Filipinos.
      We provide tailor made simplified solutions to individual immigrant applicants seeking to relocate to Canada as well as … Zoie Wise and Universal Immigration some promises for votes for sure!

  6. Support for what precisely? These are people that come here and create a skewed employment situation here. They come from a country that looks the other way while children root through garbage dumps in Manila to survive. I say stand up for yourselves so that you can improve the situation in your home country. That is what we did in Canada. That is why Unions were formed here and why we enjoy the standard of living that you want. Too bad that major corporations like Telus ship jobs to the Phillipines while all the while being part of the Corporate club that loves the use of the TFWs.

  7. “….if workers are fit to come to Canada to work then they are fit to stay in Canada”
    Define stay.
    Temporary workers do NOT have the same rights as people BORN here. They are temporary and are to leave when their visa expires. If they want to immigrate here (as in stay), then get in line like everyone else. And if they don’t have the skills or points to immigrate here, then we don’t want you.

  8. You must be blind if you think it is just the fast food industry. Take a look at construction in BC and Alberta. Companies just have to say they can’t get anyone to work at $12 and they get approval for temp foreign workers. Their is no jobs for apprentices in the trades as jobs are filled with Temp foreign workers at minimum wage.

  9. Food is no where near the problem. If you read Tim Hortons web page at 10% of there workforce and Mcdonalds at 4%. So I googled McDonald’s that is under 4000, tfws and Tim Hortons under 8000. which works out to 2 – 3 people per restaurant.

    Did you ever maybe think the 5-6 percent of the population that is un-employed do not want to work, and or you would not want them to serve you at a restaurant or retail. Walk downtown Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver and see if that’s who you want to handle your food.

    Perhaps 6 percent will be the new full employment in Canada. I work in Retail and have tfws as well. The cost is between $4000 and $5000 dollars to bring one foreign worker in. Do you honestly believe business people would spend that type of money if they could hire at home. Secondly we sign contracts with foreign workers. They actually have the same if not in some cases more rights then Canadians.

    The bottom six percent of the Canadian population is indeed unemployable. In Canada we do not replace ourselves. maybe just a greater influx of immigrants would solve the situation. Yes they get full medical as well. in my opinion no one would work under – the table ken. It is rigidly controlled be service Canada.

    I am sure in my business 99 percent of employers are honest. However there is probably some cheaters out there as well. Just like the Unions, who break government and legal contract rules all the time.

    In my opinion Service Canada must make the program easier. The main reason is so they service Canada can understand the program and as such be able to teach us in retail. Canada was built on foreign employees coming to Canada. Even Jim Sinclair and Jini Sims came from other countries.

  10. The key word is TEMPORARY which should mean for a limited amount of time. Foreign agricultural workers do not come to work in Canada 12 months a year for many years. They are here for a limited time for harvesting crops each year (possibly also preparing and planting crops) for 3 to 8 months. If a job is full time for years it should be filled either by a Canadian or a landed immigrant who has gone through the systems. No shortcuts or amnesties as anyone here as a TFW knows that they will have to leave Canada. Employers who have been abusing the system should be responsible for all costs of the investigation’s and cost of returning the TFW’s home.

  11. I have nothing against people from other countries comeing here , and working for a while , than returning to their own country , or continue traveling ,
    But this Philapeno thing is wrong , Every where you go in Vancouver , you’ll see Phillapenos ,
    How meny more of these people do we searously need in Canada ?
    This is just going to be another third world country , where your going to have BE Phillapeno to get a job or rent a place BECAUSE THEY ONLY HELP THEIR OWN PEOPLE , AND COULDN’T GIVE A CARE ABOUT ANY ONE ELESE , It is time to say NO MORE , GO BACK TO YOUR OWN COUNTRY , YOUR NOT WANTED HERE .

    • Everywhere you go in Vancouver, you will see Filipino? seriously..? FYI….! mostly they are Chinese because some Filipinos look like Chinese. Filipinos doesn’t only help their own people…FYI we obey the law, we pay our taxes to support the refugees, is that what you mean couldn’t give a care about anyone else? we work hard we don’t rely on government money. Did you see Filipinos begging for money in the street. I saw so many canadians asking from money, hungry and homeless. Why? some of them are lazy they are even stronger than me. Stop being racist….! Only native Canadians are real Canadian everybody here came from other country and they were immigrants too. Even though your family was here 400 years ago.