Premier urges summer bargaining if no BCTF deal by end of June

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Premier urges summer bargaining if no BCTF deal by end of June

Premier Christy Clark is urging the BC Teachers Federation to keep negotiating through the summer if no deal is reached by the end of the school year.

But Clark says it’s still possible to resolve the strike-lockout in the next month.

“As I heard one principal saying the other day, all strikes end, they all come to an end, so why put people, children and families through all this pain before we get there.  All we have to do is roll up our sleeves and bargain hard and we can come to an agreement, I believe that.”

If that doesn’t happen, Clark says the union executive should bargain through the summer, instead of taking holidays.

While Jim Iker was not available for comment, Professor of law and employment relations at the University of Victoria, Ken Thornicroft says he supports the idea of continuing bargaining throughout the summer.

“If parties are serious about getting a contract, they should bargain through the summer, I don’t think a deal is that far away if the parties engage in good faith bargaining so I don’t think it would be terribly burdensome to negotiate once the school year has ended.”

Thornicroft says historically, bargaining does not take place through the summer.



    • Read @ Don’s dissertation of the economics and math on the impact of giving teachers a raise (quote below from his recent post):

      “If your share of the teacher raise is $1000, the teachers will have an extra $1000 to spend, but your spending power was just reduced by $1000 (SIC). The net effect is zero (SIC).”

      Response and Analysis:

      While there are 2.321 million employed in BC (April LFS statistics), I am adding around 300,000 other non-workers (retired, self employed) and 300,000 small businesses and corporations who pay taxes for a total of 2,931,000 BC taxpayers. There are around 40,000 striking teachers asking for a raise.

      Now, if it costs each taxpayer $1000.00 for teacher raises, each teacher will receive a raise of $73,275.00 per teacher-an amount that is so unrealistic that it should be ignored.

      But, actually if one does the math correctly, a teacher raise of $7,327.50 will only cost each taxpayer (me) $100.00.

      But using Don’s logic and math, it would cost a taxpayer $7327.50 as well.

      Actually, a teacher raise of $1000.00 will only cost each taxpayer (me) $13.65 contrary to the $1000.00 cost according to @Don’s logic and math.

      The relevant mathematical equation may be stated thus: A x B = C x D
      Where: A = Teacher Raise (a variable)
      B = Number of Teachers (40,000)
      C = Cost of Raise to Each Taxpayer
      D = Number of Taxpayers (1,931,000)

      His logic and math are most puzzling. I wonder what his point was?

      • @Don’s Point?

        I’ll answer that.

        Remember the over $1billion income tax cut implemented by the Liberals around 2001 or so?

        Usind @Don’s logic, that $1 billion ended up in @Don’s and in every other taxpayer’s pocket personally.

        But did @Don and other taxpayers notice that they personally had $1billion in their respective pockets? No-because, the government took it-in fact much more-by raising user fees, ICBC premiums, hydro rates, MSP premiums, etc.-at the same time pleading poverty-can’t afford to pay fair salaries to teachers.

        Time to think out of the box.

        @Don has posted some recommended reading. To reciprocate, “Economics and Math for Dummies” might be appropriate.

      • How does this logic fit in with a teacher paying taxes, too? In fact paying part of their own salary? Like all public sector workers. Maybe all public sector workers should have their income tax rates reduced thus a raise.

        • @nomathbrainhere:

          The sad fact is that @Don’s logic does not recognize your point that teachers are taxpayers and pay taxes too.

          Stats Canada LFS includes the 40,000 teachers in the 2,931,000 total of workers employed in this province. So by extension, my analysis recognizes teachers as taxpayers.

  1. Taking holidays….!!!! Are you kidding me….??? How many days did MLA’s sit last year…Who voted for these poeple…I feel like we’re living in the States where the “Teabaggers” are running the province….Wake-up everyone…We don’t have to wait 3 years, we are the people..Lets vote thes morons out NOW….!!!!!

    • Wow. You lack a lot of knowledge. Firstly, their sole job isn’t to sit in the legislature. Secondly, the “N”DP are not sitting either so by your reasoning they’re not working either. Finally, you can only vote in elections and there’s no reason to call one.

      • Actually, only the government can call the legislature to session, only the Liberals are the government. The NDP is the opposition which really can’t do much of anything as with a majority, Christie Clark is a de-facto dictator. That’s how a parliamentary democracy works.
        When not sitting some are on committees, but most if not all take a summer break (a 120 day summer break)
        Mostly summer activity is glad handing in their ridings, planning and preparing for the next election.

        • And, the “N”DP are not sitting either. Therefore, through your logic, they are working less and should have a wage deduction. Same with the sole independent and green member.

          Your proposal, weak that it is, makes little sense since you seem to think that MLA’s only sit in the legislature. They work for their constituents. That includes sitting in their riding office, working in their communities and supporting their respective ministries. Additionally, we have some cabinet ministers that work with their ministries and attend meetings.

          Where in that do you see sitting as the sole job?

    • Yes! Recall will be an option soon enough just start the campaigning now until it is set to go and just see how many people will sign the recall petition.Many Liberals did not vote for the stuff Christy Clarks gang is doing?

  2. Your premier is stunned with comments like that, it shows her real intelligence . Don’t know what I like better when she talks and puts her foot squarely in her mouth or when her handlers don’t let her speak at all!

  3. Okay, Premier Ditz said, like, minutes ago she was hopeful a settlement could be reached within 48 hours of the LRB meeting today. Now she’s saying negotiate through the summer. Because who wouldn’t want this issue to drag on over the summer holidays? This is wacknut stuff.

  4. I would like to see a media blackout imposed with the only information being reported on is when and where there are school closures. It keeps going from bad to worse with the current pathetic he said-he said scenario. It is getting more and more counter-productive and irritating every day – stop the bleeding already!

  5. Is this Christy Clark’s way of detracting from the fact that public education has not been well-funded under her premiership?

    All the Liberals have done in these negotiations is poke and provoke the teachers. You’re not fooling us, Christy.

    • Perhaps it’s a way of focusing on the fact the BCTF won’t agree on anything until their members get an increase almost 4 times that of other unions.

      And with regard to poke/provoke, what do you call shutting down the school system?

      • True – both sides are acting like children. MLAs increased their own salaries from $67000 to $101000 over a ten year period (2002-2012) based on comparisons to other MLAs in other western provinces. Predictable that teachers would do the same, hence they need 15-20% to catch up.
        We can’t afford it, not sure what the solution is.

    • Aldina, where have they poked and provoke the Teachers?
      Teachers took a Strike Vote before you even Tabled all your demands! Aside from showing total disrespect for the Bargaining process, it also showed disrespect for the Students and Taxpayers.

      If you hate your employer so much, QUIT!, but cut out the BS.

    • Yes, Aldina, the set this all up in a big plot to distract the public. Are you for real?
      They set up the Teacher to not negotiate in the summer, unbelievable
      Please tell me you are not actually in front of a class of children.

  6. Put it on the backburner, Christy. Public is bound to forget about the chronic underfunding of schools. The increased monies in the last 12 years have only kept pace with inflation. The significant jumps in Hydro rates, fuel costs, MSP premiums, CUPE wage increases, etc. have not been funded at all by the government. How long do parents of children have to wait until you invest in our future? Strikes that occur in transportation, LNG construction, etc. would get prompt attention. Isn’t education an investment, Christy, or do you just see it as a troublesome expense? Force parents to enrol their kids in private schools and you save $4000 per student. Is that the real goal of the labour dispute going on this long? Disgusting.

    • What future? I suppose your answer is to just wimper, roll over and give the BCTF thugs everything they demand and let todays kids work at paying the bill when you’re long gone. Boy am I glad Christy Clark is in charge.

  7. This from the person that doesn’t like sitting in the ledge and doing the work that she was elected to do. Not only is she dumb as a sack of hammers, she’s a hypocrite to boot.

    • So true – Can’t believe the ridiculous comment by the Premier about the BCTF executive working through the summer. MLAs not only take the summer off, they are off from now until October! They take the last month of spring, all of summer and the first month of fall off.

      • Let’s see if I understand you? You seem to think the legislature is in session a few months of the year and then they all nap on the beach the rest of the time, so the BCTF goons (and with that completely misinformed thinking, I suppose the rest of us too) should do the same? Hmm. Who’s ridiculous now?

  8. Is there anything wrong with teachers asking for a wage increase? After all, Christy gave herself a hefty 18 percent raise. Fixing education and improving learning conditions for students should not be on the backs of teachers, it should be dealt with by a collective group including school boards, administrators, teachers, PAC members and government. Teachers, like all other groups, should be allowed to ask for protection of wages and benefits without being critized. And Christy does have the money to settle this quickly, after all she just gave private schools a hefty funding increase. (Of course, her child is enrolled in an elite, private school…. Go figure!)

    • 18%?
      MLA increases over the 10 year period 2002-2012 saw basic salary go from $67000 to $101000 – that’s a 50% increase! The rationale for the increase was a comparison to other provinces, yet when anyone else does that, they are cited as being unreasonable.

  9. Rotating strikes by teachers and lockouts by the employers impose on parents time and jobs! We can’t take vacation time to accommodate your negotiations. Both should not stop negotiations to take vacations either! There is no other union that has that luxury….this is all so bizarre.

  10. The government welcomes the teacher strike, it is their way to balance a budget that they blew before they were reelected. How come no one is asking WHAT DOES the GOVERNMENT DO WITH the MILLIONS of DOLLARS THEY ARE SAVING THIS WEEK? Why is this not investigated by reporters?