BCTF President says government not really compromising

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BCTF President says government not really compromising

At the end of the first week of rotating teacher strikes and the partial government lockout, it seems any potential olive branches are not being well received.

Teachers union President Jim Iker says the government conceding to rescind this week’s wage rollbacks if teachers cancel rotating strikes is no concession at all, or they’d be taking firm action.

He says, “They’d be going to the Labour Relations Board today and saying we’re withdrawing the partial lockout and then we would deal with it but that’s not their position so far.”

When pressed what teacher concessions would be, Iker sidestepped the question, nor would he say if teachers would be allowed to resume students extracurricular activities.

Iker says bargaining could continue Tuesday.


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  1. This guy must be an embarassment to teachers. In the media scrum this morning he stared lifelessly into the ground and gave the same rehearsed anwer to every question. “We might compromise but not until they do.” You’re in over your head Jim. It’s getting rather pathetic.

      • Good one. What qualifications are required to watch the news and form an opinion? I’ve spent enough time in university and don’t recall any studies for a degree in thinking. If so, it might serve Iker well.

    • Totally agreed. Iker has too “big ego”, BCTF absolutely impossible to deal with! I hope that the Government deals with this issue before summer break so we all can have a fresh start in September. Our Government representing us taxpayers………time for stronger actions.

    • Teachers seem to luv reps like Iker . . . . look at the long line of far-left whackos they have had in the past 30 years . . .

      Iker is another of the vanishing breed of Socialist revolutionaries . . . the same light-weight thinkers that brought Greece to its knees . . . and is bankrupting Italy, Spain, Portugal and France.

      Long past the time to make membership in the BCTF Optional . . . other jurisdictions in North America have done this and their Education System has blossomed. They hire teachers on merit . . . not length of service or seniority . . . they have put local school boards in control, not overbearing unions.

      • Interesting point there Dale about optional membership. I wonder if you can elaborate on that, ie where in North America that might be? Got some stats to back up your assertion that their education system is better that here? (Wherever ‘there’ is)

        How would you hire a teacher on merit? What would you base that on? Would you base merit on youth and how much they volunteer?

        I’ll be checking back soon for your answer.

        • Wisconsin, Louisiana, Florida, Texas . . . and many other states.
          Some states were basket cases but are today making huge strides.
          Some of these states give out vouchers . . . so the student can go to the school of their choice, be it private, charter or public.
          Local school boards hire their own teachers . . . not some hiring hall at a massive union, complete oblivious as to what local needs are.

          Some jurisdictions are using technology as well today, which can cut down on the number of teachers and cut the high cost of education.

  2. I like the approach that Clark has taken. Stay away and let them work it out.
    But she says she is going to fix it for next negotiations, one way or another.
    It is about time. At least 2 commissions that the BCTF have rejected. It is time to end this nonsense that happens every time with this Union.

  3. this government is elected by people but not for people .Do not believe that you live in democracy,they count your vote but your vote does not count at the end.Majority elected governments in british parliamentary system is actually dictatorship.You can see that here in BC and especially federal government.Canada is not democracy and never was and never will be and there is no democracy anywhere in the world.Look in dictionary please.