HandyDart complaints dominate Translink AGM

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HandyDart complaints dominate Translink AGM

Translink’s annual general meeting has been dominated by complaints about HandyDart services.

After reporting an operating surplus of $36.8 million last year, executives including CEO Ian Jarvis were bombarded with questions about problems with transporting people with disabilities.

He admits that’s a challenge.

He says, “The one measure I’d look to is Trip Denials. As I indicated in my overview, that is a concern. And so the addition of $1-million to augment the existing services with investment in more rides for taxis services will help alleviate that.”

Other concerns were raised about problems with the new Compass Cards, the safety of bus drivers, and how transit services will be funded in the future.


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  1. Government work shouldn’t be allowed to contract out their work. Especially to company’s that are in a different country, all that company wants is to profit and they do that by cutting services