When a tree falls in the city it does make a sound

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When a tree falls in the city it does make a sound

No one was hurt, but two drivers held captive by a fallen tree in Vancouver this afternoon (Tues) have a wild tale to tell family and friends.

Battalion Chief Albert Drinovz cut short an interview with reporters right before the two trapped men were allowed to leave their vehicles.

Maddy Kipling watched the tree slowly fall into the middle of Cambie blocking the street between Pender and Hastings around 4:30pm.

“The tree was up like all these other ones and then, it was coming down and I just, I was paralyzed. I watched it just come straight down and then, I couldn’t believe how fast the lamp-post came down. It just snapped and all the wires were like ping, ping and all of a sudden, it was like, poof, right on the car. I was really, really scared for the guy in the car.”

Kipling says they’re both lucky to be alive.

“I ran straight over to see if the guy was okay. I was looking all over to make sure that the wires weren’t anywhere where I would get electrocuted. I wasn’t sure what was going on with the wires, they were snapping and waving. Ambulances arrived and I just stood there like a fool, just in shock, like absolutely shaking. I’ve never seen something so insane in my life.”

Crews had to cut power to the trolley lines before they could let the men leave their vehicles.

The men were rescued shortly after 6pm.

Investigators are now trying to figure out what made the seemingly healthy tree come down.