Harcourt in no rush to the return to the BCNDP

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A former BC Premier is not in any rush to be brought back into the NDP fold after letting his membership lapse in disgust.

Mike Harcourt says the NDP won’t get elected to government until the party moves to represent BC’s resource dependent communities.

“New Democrats have to get back to representing the interests of people beyond Hope in the natural resource communities of this province. This province is still based to a very large extent, once you get outside of Vancouver, is based on forestry, fisheries, mining, oil, and ranching. It is a resource based province.”

Harcourt says if they don’t return to representing blue collar workers then the party is in big trouble.

“And if you can’t show blue collar workers, construction trades, and people involved in those activities in towns. You know 150 or 160 cities and communities depend on natural resources that you understand that basic reality of Vancouver then you are not going to get elected.”

Harcourt says the party needs three things to win back his support.

“John is a very talented guy and he has got good leadership qualities but I said there is two other things we need in this province. We need a positive doable agenda for British Columbia, so what is your vision? And three have you got the people on the team to actually run a government. So one out of three. Two to go.”

Harcourt says he will meet with new NDP leader John Horgan this summer.


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  1. Why did, it take Mikey so long to figure it out? Always takes these Lefties in the Never Dumer Party so long, but I guess they eventually come around. So, Kwan, Dix, Sims, Sinclair, for a start must all go!! Wait, Still about 26 more as well.. Wait again, If Sinclair goes Horc-again wont have anyone to pull his strings. Just what we need, another over-paid civil servant running a tax and spend party.

  2. “Mike Harcourt says the NDP won’t get elected to government until the party moves to represent BC’s resource dependent communities.”
    So, never?

    “Harcourt says if they don’t return to representing blue collar workers then the party is in big trouble.”
    Because it worked so well for Dix…

  3. Yes it is shaking them up, but Mike Harcourt is NDP and will still be a leader within the NDP ranks and many NDP members feel the same way, you will see this unfold with John Horgan and the NDP will be ready well before 2017! To let you of the right know to the ones who always say the NDP are over,we have just begun to fight back. The BC Liberals are into changing their name and possibly their leader before the next election as the photo-op era ends!

    • Mike is RIGHT ! ! !
      20 years ago I said to the leadership of my Private sector union . . .
      Get out of Politics . . . stop funding the Dippers with my money. Be in a position to lobby ALL political parties with a pro private sector union message.
      Get out of Global Social Engineering . . . pay attention to the Membership, concentrate on membership education and furthering the growth and wellbeing of the local.

      Did they listen . . . not a chance. Today they are a mere shadow of what they were.

      Fast forward to todays NDP . . .
      The party of Big Enviro . . .
      The party of Big Public Sector Unions . . .
      No longer does the NDP care about the Loggers, Miners, Oil Field Workers, Steel Fabricators and so on. They derive their power from the far-left PS Unions and Big Marxist Green.

      Reality is the NDP is a marginalized gaggle of the disappearing far-left.
      Political parties that follow the same lunacy are FAILING All over the World. From Greece, to Spain, to France . . . Socialist Democratic thought is a dismal bankrupt FAILURE !

    • My belief is with the track record of both major parties in BC, why would be believe the NDP more than the Liberals? And, the LIbs are no screaming ‘Hades’. Both parties are reminiscent of the ‘lipstick on a pig’ comment used by Sarah Palin. We really do need an alternative to both groups.
      Quick question: How did you actually write a comment without using the word Lieberal – that must have hurt, well done.

  4. What an embarrassment for the current. NDP leadership ! To have the mighty Harcourt trash them !…. The final nail would be to have Dave Barrett echo MIke’s comments !

    The NDP can’t represent the workers of the province and the econuts at the same time so something has to give !

  5. Horgan will straighten Dix mess up and if your any judge of character you would know Horgan will make Christy Clark look like a puppet.
    Christy has become a PR person only seen at ribbon cuttings and prepared announcements because she is way over her head.
    She has a team of handlers that know how to keep under wraps.

  6. A decade ago . . . one could make a valid argument for leftist Social democratic thought.

    Today, after we have watched socialist democratic government FAIL in Greece, Italy, Portugal, France and Spain . . . there is no longer a discussion . . . social democratic policies DO NOT WORK anywhere on the Planet . . .
    But you can always count on a Socialist . . . to want to try it One More Time . . . as Next Time it just may succeed . . . lol

    • Horgan is more middle of the road and resource extraction friendly.
      He will push for jobs without destroying our environment.
      You can’t really call him a strict socialist he knows that won’t work.

      • The NDP party has “Socialist” in their Constitution and the membership refuse to take it out . . . . Horgan is only one man . . . the party is still the home of the Far-left loons . . . their philosophy has FAILED all over the world . . . but I know Trev . . . you think if we just try ONE MORE TIME . . . lol

  7. Mikey was one of the most frustrating interviews ever because he was a master of political doubletalk. This is the first time that he has ever said it straight and to the point, even the NDP spinners won’t go near this one.
    Way to go Mike ( even though you purposely mispronounced Vanderzalm every time )

  8. Obviously Mike just doesn’t realize that cutting down trees is “bad”, mining is “bad”, oil and coal are “bad”, pipelines are “bad”, shipping oil for export is “bad”, transporting oil and coal by rail is “bad”, moving people and goods on roads is “bad”, Alberta is “bad” because they want to sell and deliver their product to markets, Ottawa is “bad” because all they want to do is expand markets to make money…