BC Chamber of Commerce tells the regional district to throw incinerator plans in the garbage

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BC Chamber of Commerce tells the regional district to throw incinerator plans in the garbage

Members of the BC Chamber of Commerce have come out swinging against a bylaw considered critical for Metro Vancouver’s proposed half-a-billion-dollar garbage incinerator.

Chamber president John Winter says they want Environment minister Mary Polak to reject the bylaw changing garbage flow control in the region.

“Which would permit Metro government to create a monopoly for waste collection and incineration in the lower mainland.”

Winter says the bylaw would cut out private business and the solutions the sector could bring.

“The fact that it precludes a number of other potential solutions, which we think are far less expensive and equally efficient if not more so and enables Metro to reach its goal without resorting to such things as incineration, which I think has an awful lot of liabilities attached to it.”

Winter says instead of paving the way for garbage incineration Metro should be using technology to reduce, re-use, and recycle.

“It enables better sorting and it enables us to keep the recyclables out of the incinerator, which is certainly the biggest concern that we have with the Metro 280 bylaw.”

Winter says the bylaw wold allow Metro Vancouver to take over regulatory control of solid waste management and give the regional district free reign to set whatever fee it wants.

“The policy that we put forward really puts forward the option for allowing private sector solutions to avoid having the taxpayer cough up, up to half a billion dollars to manage a system that is really very manageable at the private sector level.”

Winter says the “tax grab” bylaw cuts out private enterprise while shifting costs on taxpayers and businesses.



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  1. Bottom line for garbage should be – no dumping it in someone else’s back yard.
    I know of people who don’t “blue box”- because they “can’t be bothered”.
    But the Vancouver dumping food scraps in the green bin doesn’t work
    Note to City Hall….
    I’m fed up with the maggots & flies in the summer (sorry- there’s no room in my fridge….) and frozen lump in the bottom of the green bin in winter.
    For starters I suggest big fines/levies/taxes for manufactures of excess packaging.
    Nail it at the source. And- put a bin for recycling crap at store exits

  2. John , you are fore private enterprise , but not for a chance to rewrite history , . the garbage is an ishue , and sticking your head in the sand , and wishing it away is just a pipe dream ,
    Action is required and less hot air , I’m for the inciarater , because the air scrubbers used to day filter about 98% af the crap out of the stack . And conserves the land used for these dump sights , Years ago in Calgary they built houses on land filled , garbage dump , The Temple District , And every year there was tons of flies .

  3. George;
    The contaminants that the filter catches has to be disposed of somewhere too. Just because it doesn’t go into the air doesn’t mean it doesn’t pollute.

    We have to stop pretending…i.e. food scraps. It is not garbage. it rots. Some call it compost some cal it fertilizer. Making heavy non-biodegradable plastic buckets and trucking it to the dump is pure folly — GET A GARBURATOR.

    The real solution is to say “no” at the source when offered heavy packaging. A tuna sandwhich does not need a hard plastic case. A salad does not need an 18″ long see through box and a roasted chicken does not need a mini football stadium to get home in.

    Ask for paper.
    Buy without packaging.
    Wash your food…water is truly recyclable (there is just as much to day as on Day 1.