Washrooms not coming anytime soon to Skytrain stations

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Washrooms not coming anytime soon to Skytrain stations

The head of Translink says he’s heard the call for washrooms at Skytrain stations, and while they’re not impossible, they’re not coming soon.

CEO Ian Jarvis says as they are upgrading stations across the system, plumbing is being put in place so installing washrooms is possible in the future – but it’s not as simple as just the plumbing.

He says, “The washrooms are important. The trade-off for us as the transit agency and service provider is the issue of the cost of operating and maintaining them and monitoring them from a safety perspective.”

Jarvis says with our aging population, accessible washrooms are something they must figure out.

In the meantime, he says Translink is taking with retailers located near stations to see what options are available there.


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    • Disrespectful people abuse all public facilities, from parks to schools. Should we get rid of them too?

      Public washrooms should be seen as a basic human right. It’s a human need! And if Translink spent more than a minute thinking about it, they’d find an affordable way. But Translink doesn’t “think” very well.

      In the lower mainland, the entire purpose of Skytrain is to collect bus passengers and deliver them to a Skytrain station. Okay. Put a washroom in every third or fourth station. Find a company or non-profit that will maintain the washrooms for a modest fee. DO something, for heaven’s sake. TRY something.

      Don’t tell a man with prostate issues, or a woman suffering from incontinence, that they’re expected to soil themselves or stay home. Gawd … it’s beyond ridiculous.

    • That’s a decent idea,and one that I had not thought of.My only concern would be that one of our public sector unions would see that,and demand that those jobs be taken over by their members.Very few of which cost taxpayers less than about $100 per hour to maintain,when you include wages,benefits,pensions,and the premiums built into some contracts.
      Another option might be to build some private sector businesses along those routes and compensate them for taking care of the washrooms that their patrons could use also.
      Not properly managed,they would be so dirty and dangerous that no one would want to use them anyway.

  1. Why should Translink or the retailers pay the bill ? The individual municipalities should foot the bill. After all they received a windfall of development and property tax revenues from the expansion that has resulted in the areas around each station.

  2. This is lunacy! Public washrooms are an absolute necessity and should be immediately provided. The excuse that additional maintenance might be problematic, or otherwise they could be used for illicit activity is bogus as there are ample deterrents to such.

      • Because most people who might need them avoid transit, for that exact reason. And because many other people (men) “water the shrubs” when they must.

        Are those outcomes okay with you? Really? People with medical issues are forced to drive (when they can) and it’s fine for men to urinate on nearby bushes? Really?

  3. I agree they need washrooms but they would be disgusting dangerous places because of crack heads, junkies and general punks roaming the streets.
    Everyone complains now about how much Translink steals from us so maybe it’s time for the government to take over this quasi corporation and fire their highly paid buddies.

  4. Good grief. I was surprised this became news and even more surprised at so much discussion. There are facilities at the mall, McDonalds or the gas station down the block. Why should tax money be used on poor personal planning or an unexpected urge? In 6 months they would end up being a fithy hiding spot for drugys that we’ll just have to hire more Transit Cops to watch. I’d simply drive my car so I wouldn’t have to use one.

    • Actually Ron, I do support the need for rest rooms in Public facilities. Whilst some waits are short, not all are. Also in just about every other transport facility (Bus, Airline, Ferry terminals etc.; such is available. Go to Hong Kong, or Kula Lumpur such facilities are included in all of their stops and terminals. In the overall budget the construction and maintenance costs are small.