Residents choose to keep Youth Clinic

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Residents choose to keep Youth Clinic

It’s time to put pressure on health minister Terry Lake to save the Pine Free Youth Clinic.
That according to MLA David Eby, who spoke to dozens who gathered at a public forum at the Point Grey Community Church earlier Tuesday night.
This after it was announced the services at Pine – the only dedicated youth clinic in Kitsilano – will be consolidated to Raven Song Community Health Centre.
Bryan Larochelle started a petition to save the clinic.

“By making it no longer a free clinic anymore and pay for service, that’s defeating the entire purpose of it, so it’s just as bad as closing it down.”

The changes will come on October 31st.


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  1. Send the Liberals a message. We’ve had enough of their social cuts. They have lots of fat they can trim in their own back yard. Time for politicians to do a personal inventory…of themselves. The rest of us go to work. Take care of our kids and hopefully make BC a better place. Politicians?

  2. People should get used to this-it is the shape of things to come. Governments around the world have made promises to pay for programs and benefits they do not have the money for. The two big causes are: economic growth at rates too far below 3% which is pretty much the floor needed to keep the ball rolling, and demographics-the ever escalating cost of health care and costs associated with an aging population. No country in the west has a net birth rate sufficient to prevent a net population loss.

    We would all like to think that government could spend its money more carefully-and it could, but won’t. The forces supporting the status quo are too powerful and it will take too long to sort that out. So, absent sufficient economic growth (which many in BC oppose), governments can either increase tax rates, divert money from other programs, or go even more heavily into debt. No one likes any of those option, and yet the advocates for government spending offer us nothing else other than childish rants and whining. It is time to face the realities of the 21st century. So, people in PG want this centre-form a society and dip into your pockets and “do the right thing” and “make a difference”.