Ford nation says the fix was in over a Burnaby jaywalking ticket

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Ford nation says the fix was in over a Burnaby jaywalking ticket

When Port Mann RCMP gave the Mayor of Toronto a jaywalking ticket nearly four months ago at Lougheed and North Road when Rob Ford was in town for a funeral.

At the time he and his brother said he was singled out and now that the total number of tickets handed out by that force has been tallied, he may be right.

In the first few months of this year Port Mann officers issued just four pedestrian tickets, the same as all of last year.

One ticket for Rob Ford another for his friend.

Speaking for his brother, Doug Ford says, this supports his theory.

“I think he was singled out. There’s no doubt in anyones mind that was the case and they waited 20 minutes to a half an hour for the Seargent to show up. I mean we’re talking a jaywalking ticket.”

Ford adds if it was anyone else but his brother things that night would have been different.

“If it was John Smith would he have even received it first of all? Would he have received a warning? Or would the police officer that was going to give him a ticket have needed their supervisor and two or three other police cars to come and check the who situation out?”

Port Mann Corporal Bob MacDonald wouldn’t comment on the delay but said Ford being stopped was coincidence not deliberate.

He also says it’s not unusual for Port Mann RCMP officers to use Lougheed instead of the Trans Canada highway.


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  1. So The Port Mann Freeway Patrol made him get shitfaced and J-walk

    How about you be an example of how lawmakers are supposed to behave and quit doing things that cause the cops to “Pick On You”