Vancouver Police launch anti-theft campaign

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Vancouver Police launch anti-theft campaign

Calling it a ‘crime of opportunity,’ Vancouver Police are again warning drivers to make sure they don’t leave any valuables ‘visible’ in their cars, especially as the weather warms up.

Visitors to one of the city’s highly-targeted zones –Stanley Park– were stopped by officers and volunteers this morning, reminding them they could easily be victims of so-called smash and grabs.

Constable Brian Montague says anti-theft devices make it more difficult for actual cars to be stolen, so thieves could be after something as minor as spare change.

 ”Even if you leave a couple of toonies or loonies in the console, it’s tempting them to break the window and take that money. These are crimes that are preventable.”

Montague says thefts often triple in the summer and 60% of the victims are tourists.

He adds annual theft rates have dropped over the past decade from 18,000 to 8,000.


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  1. I have a better idea: Instead of the courts playing catch-and-release, how about we make the punishment severe enough for crime that criminals don’t wish to repeat their criminal activities! But we have to keep playing the PC game of “the criminal is the victim here”; NOT! We are far too satisfied to use our hearts instead of our brains because it makes some of us feel good.
    I’ll bet that theft rates have dropped (for a big part) due to we a lack of reporting the crime because we know nothing is going to be done anyway. I had a creep break into my car (and nothing was visible for them to take). After my experience with the cops (and we have a good force) my attitude was ‘well that was a waste of my time’. If the damage wasn’t so excessive (dramatically exceeding the deductible), I probably would haven’t even bothered reporting it. Anyone wonder why our deductibles on our insurance has been going up? My answer (in part) the property owner is paying for the courts lack of action and lazy PC mentality; and we are stupid enough to keep allowing this.