Anti-coal group to launch legal challenge

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Anti-coal group to launch legal challenge

An environmental group says it’s taking the province to court over its approval of storing more coal on Texada Island.

The government’s nod last month would see 800-thousand tons of coal stored there instead of the current 400-thousand before it’s shipped to international markets.

“Voters Taking Action on Climate Change” is concerned this will clear the way for more coal to be shipped along the Fraser — under a proposal for a bigger export terminal run by Fraser Surrey Docks.

Spokesman Donald Gordon says the government didn’t consult with the public about the large storage centre on Texada.

He says, “The public’s concerns about coal dust, about diesel particulate, have all been ignored or dismissed.”

Port Metro Vancouver has yet to approve the terminal expansion.

The province has said the bigger storage facility on Texada would only move ahead if the bigger terminal gets the go-ahead.


  1. Again we push the myth of man-made climate change/global warming. Gee, who was it that said “Tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it and people will eventually begin to believe it”? Could it have been our funny, old uncle Joseph? He was such a card; uncle Adolph was too.

    I think we (those who oppose the kind people from the environmental movement – heavy on the ‘mental’ and ‘movement’) should borrow from the Texan battle cry of “Remember the Alamo” and start using “Remember East Anglia” – not quite the same ring tho’. But I’m sure a lot will make the ties between the lies of global warming and the “hand in the cookie jar’ lies by East Anglia and the UN; their email scandals and coverups. Yet these folks – and guys like Gore and Suzuki – keep repeating the stories; kinda like good old uncle Joseph. Did I say he was such a card?

    Question for VTACC – yes both of you: How many ‘men’ (Is that sexist to still use that word?) were around when the dinosaurs ran the show and lived on a planet that had a lot of areas that were basically a tropical rainforest; you might even say it was a greenhouse. I guess it must have been the dinosaur “gas” that caused their global warming; I know some will blame the volcanoes, but we all know it was the “dinosaur gas”. Boy, with the massive herds of buffalo (actually bison) that roamed our continent before ‘us whitey’ got here, the natives must have been sweatin’ a storm. Imagine all that bison poop and all that gas.

    Sorry, I forgot I was going to make a comment about the lawsuit and those involved: Right out of the Progressive, Cloward and Piven playbook. Anything to obstruct! Did tell you I once had a lawsuit; double breasted, three buttons – but that’s another story.

    • Gee Skulker….you’re again pushing the climate change denial myth! How do YOU know that climate change is not caused by human activity? Are you some sort of scientist? If not, you better listen to what those qualified in this field have to say. But again, you and your other right wing boomers will probably have expired by the time climate devastation unravels, so what do you care….right? Let the young generation deal with the consequences of your actions, right?

  2. At some point the province will need to have someone at the court 24/7. That’s what you can expect when you make policy on the fly. They figure that way they’re able to punch things through without a lot of debate. Taking them to court is a natural given the circumstances. The people are punching back.

  3. These silly environmentalists need to be stopped. Do these twits not know that coal is necessary in the making of steel etc. We have coal and the export of such not only creates jobs but also tax revenues.
    Environmentalists are guilty of denying the majority of wealth and people programs.

    • Yeah these silly people who care about our air, water and life itself.
      How could they be so short sighted, when there is multinational profits to made and taken out of Canada.

      • Ah yes the big bad multinational boogie man- just like Canadian companies that work and invest globally- employing many. The Man-made climate change junk science has run it’s course and it’s time for these well meaning protesters to find another cause and not waste our taxes on high priced lawsuits.
        And sorry but no- the government is not obliged to consult with joe public on it’s every move.