Vancouver wants referendum on Trans Mountain pipeline expansion

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Vancouver wants referendum on Trans Mountain pipeline expansion

The City of Vancouver will ask the federal government to hold a referendum in Vancouver on the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion proposal.
City Councillor Andrea Reimer says the referendum should be federally funded.

“It should be after the National Energy Board process has concluded, but before federal cabinet considers NEB recommendations, and it should be run under the federal campaign finance rules.”

Reimer adds a referendum would allow constituents to directly provide their viewpoint to the Government of Canada.
The city also plans to host a series of meetings after blasting the National Energy Board for restricting public input on the controversial Kinder Morgan pipeline proposal.


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    • The far-left loons on Vancouver council want a referendum on a pipeline that does not go through Vancouver?

      You would think they wold have more pressing concerns to deal with . . . like continuing the ban on Nuclear Weapons in Vancouver or building more Bike lanes.
      Perhaps a few on council want their streets closed to traffic like the nutty mayor?
      Vancouver has always been the domain of the unhinged-left . . .

  1. The pipeline starts near Edmonton and ends in Burnaby. It doesn’t actually reach Vancouver. Does Andrea want the referendum to include all the cities along, and near, the whole route, or just her constituency, which isn’t actually on the route? If it’s just in Vancouver she wants, then that’s like holding a referendum in Victoria on a project in Prince George.

    • Tankers twice the size and more than one a day will ply the waters through Vancouver harbor so that’s why Vancouver should have a say.
      Some of you are eager to destroy a lot of jobs with an oil spill, oh yeah some of you think an oil spill is good for the economy.

      • Maritime navigation and control these days is a marvel of sophistication. Chances of maritime accidents is remote. The Vancouver Port is underutilized as compared to many like Singapore, Hong Kong, many in Europe. Two or three ships a day or more is no threat and likely less than what occurred during WW2.

  2. A NON-BINDING referendum? Might as well ask for an OPINION POLL. And that pipeline won’t even enter anywhere to the City of Vancouver, the ships supposed to carry oil will go trough the sealanes, FEDERAL jurisdiction.

    Supposedtly the ships will be under control of Canadian pilots and have TWO tugboats escorting them into harbor and far out to open sea. So far, knock on wood there were tens of thousands of those oil container ships delivering their contents up and down the BC coast, without any major oil spill for the last perhaps One Hundred years. With more primitive navigational equipment, SINGLE HULLED SHIPS.