Fed funding for Killarney Centre still missing

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Fed funding for Killarney Centre still missing

The long talked-about Killarney Seniors Centre remains in limbo.
Vancouver Park Board Chair Aaron Jasper says it has yet to see federal funding promised back in January by Vancouver South MP Wai Young.

“Unfortunately we cannot do any work. No planning, no architectural design, consultation plans, everything is on hold until we are confirmed in having the 2.5 million dollars from the federal government.”

Jasper says provincial funding is secured– now he’d like to encourage residents and seniors to put pressure on the city’s federal partners to finalize the paper-work and get the ball rolling on construction.


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  1. Well how about billy when he gets back from vacation he will phone wai young and find out when the promised little bit of money that we sent to Quebec to keep them in confederation will return?

    And I think this is neat. All the parents lining up to enroll the little darlin’s in French
    schools. Just how many federal government jobs do they actually think are out there. That they would take from another province?

    They don’t seem to know that ENGLISH is the universal language of the world. You can fly an airplane into Moscow and talk to the controllers in guess what? ENGLISH!!!!!

    When you watch a formula one race that has drivers, and crews, and suppliers, and engineers of all different ethnic varieties. Guess the language that they all speak to each other in. Yes you guessed it. ENGLISH.

    Time we got rid of an elite group of people that will never be happy.

    A binding vote by the other nine provinces and three territories would certainly take care of the money that we as tax payers waste by sending it to new france!!!!!!!!!!!!