City of Vancouver staff criticize Kinder Morgan pipeline proposal

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City of Vancouver staff criticize Kinder Morgan pipeline proposal

The proposed expansion of a major oil pipeline running from Alberta through British Columbia is getting a big thumbs down from administrative staff with the City of Vancouver.

Deputy Manager Sadhu Johnston has delivered a report telling Mayor Gregor Robertson and the rest of City Council the 15-thousand page application by Kinder Morgan to the National Energy Board has ‘major gaps.’

The key concern is the ‘catastrophic’ impact a major spill would have on Burrard Inlet, considering tanker traffic will increase seven-fold and the daily capacity of the Trans Mountain pipeline will triple.

He says there’s been no detailed examination of how fires or explosions would harm Metro Vancouver residents, as well as the possible impact of an earthquake.

Johnston adds public consultation has been minimal and the timeline has been ‘unreasonable.’

He’s submitted 400 questions to Kinder Morgan.

Last week, Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan raised similar concerns and confirmed his staff have submitted 500 questions.


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  1. Pipelines don’t bother me that much , it’s the tankers that pose the biggest threat and a spill from a tanker that will be twice the size you see there now would be impossible to clean up.
    Ask your self if shipping bitumen to China is worth destroying the waters and jobs around Vancouver.
    Do you think cruise ships would come to a dead polluted harbor?

  2. A ‘catastrophic’ impact a major spill would have on Burrard Inlet. That already exists with crude-by-rail transiting much of Burrard Inlet now. And staff do nothing about such risk today. This is all politics. Build pipelines now. At least let’s get paid to run the risk.

  3. Vancouver submitted 400 questions!

    Burnaby submitted 500 questions!

    Seems like Burnaby is getting more bang for their buck.

    Or moonbeams crew is spending too much time on unused (mostly) kids bike lanes to see where they can inconvenience people actually getting too and from work or delivering goods or bringing in goods to moonbeam city.

  4. When was the last catastrophic oil spill due to the current Kinder Morgan pipeline? I would think that the advantage to pipelines is that it doesn’t get to the catastrophic stage. I would think (I’m no pipeline expert) that the flow of the pipeline is regulated and able to be turned off. Isn’t that what happened when a pipe was ruptured in Burnaby?

    I love how all these enviro-socialists in the Lower Mainland place their concerns over and above the concerns of all the hard working men and women working in the oil sands. I know that in the interior town I live, if there were no oil sands, our town would be economically worse off. A lot of our town commutes to Fort Mac and back every three weeks and brings Alberta money back to BC.

    Thank God we have some politicians in this country that aren’t so socialist that they recognize that it’s best if a private company provides people and their families with a good income and standard of living. What would all those people be doing for a living if they weren’t working on the rigs? Would they have as good an income. Would their families be as well taken care of? I don’t think so.

  5. If you think that a spill from rail tank cars would be less catastrophic you , my friend, are sadly mistaken. The pipeline is the least hazardous way to transport this material. Bruce Allan had a great editorial today on Reality Check about this. Suggest you listen to it. Moonbeam and his ilk should but out…

  6. I keep hearing about the fabulous is it Norvegian or Swedis government owned oil industry. Their sources are OFF SHORE. The oil is moved by PIPELINES.

    I don’t seem to hear anything about how many oil spills they had in those Scadinavian countries, supplying large amounts to EU.

    Neither is there anyshing mentioned ROMANIAN and RUSSIAN, Middle Eastern Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Emirates or the VENEZUELAN oil producers records or what do they use to move their produced oil etiher.

    The ONLY thing gets mentioned is EXXON VALDEZ where due to human error a SINGLE HULLED tanker gone off course causing large oil spill off Alaska.

    • Considering how much Government is in our face and our lives and how much people expect them to do everything for them, We are already there David.. A number of those born after 1985 cannot even find their own bums with both hands without Government help Such a sorry lot we have become…

  7. If KM, a respectable corporation, is to be believed, oil spills, whether from pipeline, tanker or rail, will have positive effects on the economy. Taking that logic to its utlimate conclusion, the bigger the oil spill, the bigger the economic benefit as new corporations and businesses will be set up to handle oil spills- and hire thousands of workers.

    An expanded Kinder Morgan pipeline will not eliminate crude oil shipments via rail. Because pipeline shippers receive higher prices for crude by shipping crude off shore, Chevton is forced to bring in feed stock by rail. Just look at the huge increase in crude oil rail shipments to our coast. Since there are no rail-to-sea tanker terminals, all rail crude goes to Chevron.

    Also Chevron has been unable to secure a commitment that crude from an expanded KM pipeline will be made available for domestic refining at Chevron. Oil (like water flows downhill) goes to where it can obtain the highest price-which Chevron will be forced to pay in order to receive pipeline crude and will pass those costs onto the BC consumer.
    So look for much higher BC gasolene prices when Chevron is forced to pay world prices for its feedstock.

    We are dreaming in technicolor if we think pipelines will eliminat crude oil shipments by rail.

    Look for a big increase in domestic natural gas prices as well when LNG is shipped to Asia at 3-4 times the domestic price. The differential will disappear in a flash. Applies to oil, natural gas, lumber, dungeness crabs, pine mushrooms and cherries as well.

    • “the bigger the oil spill, the bigger the economic benefit as new corporations and businesses will be set up to handle oil spills- and hire thousands of workers.”

      ? ? ?

      More insanity from he Site . . .
      Kinder Morgan’s record for almost 70 years is out there for all to see . . . if they move 4 times the oil they do now . . . will they have FOUR Times the problems?
      What is 4 x 0 site?

      Norway has a thriving economy based on oil and gas . . . and the citizens benefit with high paying jobs and debt free govt.

      Venezuela on the other hand . . . have enormous reserves but is run in the Marxist/progressive/socialist manner and have nothing but problems.

      What the loons fail to understand . . . the oil will come to BC either by RAIL or Pipeline . . . and any thinking adult knows that pipelines are thousands of times safer than rail.
      Rail transport of oil increased by 4000% in the last couple of years . . .