Will police in uniform fill the requirements of the beach?

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Will police in uniform fill the requirements of the beach?

The Wreck Beach Preservation Society is calling a proposal to set up a police tent this summer as “repressive.”
Chair Judy Williams says the world-famous nude beach is not unsafe.
She believes the consorted RCMP presence will damper the spontaneity and sense of freedom at the remote beach.

“A police tent on the beach for the summer is just going to be viewed by beach users as a repressive act or a totalitarian type act on their part when we don’t really really need it.”

UBC RCMP say the detachment intends to pitch a tent every afternoon from the May long Weekend to Labour Day to target beach-goers consuming excess amounts of drugs or alcohol.


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  1. As long as they’re okay with beach-goers consuming moderate amounts of drugs or alcohol….

    There are a lot of afternoons during the week when there’s not a lot going on there, except a bunch of contented people sitting around sipping on a beer bought from a vendor, or smoking some pot. Are the RCMP going to sit in their tent while that goes on, waiting for someone to consume excess amounts?

    Going from their claims, I guess so, otherwise, they’re targeting a lot of regular folk, too.

  2. “repressive or totalitarian” ???????? Seriously? Just because they’ve had their own way and flaunted the laws for so long someone thinks they’re being picked on. Welcome to our democratic country where the rules and laws apply to everyone, most of the time anyway.

  3. If you’re not doing anything illegal, you have nothing to worry about.

    I didn’t realize that Wreck Beach was a free-for-all, do what you want, illegal or not, place to enjoy the sun and waves.

    Didn’t seem like it when I have gone down there.