UPDATES: Police find body of suspect in Vancouver’s sixth murder of 2014

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UPDATES: Police find body of suspect in Vancouver's sixth murder of 2014

Vancouver saw its sixth murder of the year over the weekend.

The suspect in 27 year old Thi Tam Nguyen’s murder was her ex-husband.

He was found hanging from a tree before police could catch up with him.

Constable Brian Montague says there have been too many domestic violence cases in the Lower Mainland.

“This is unfortunately another one. We have a four year old now with no mother and no father as a result of the domestic violence issue.”

Montague says something has to change.

“I can tell you it’s a problem. Our officers go to hundreds of domestic violence calls every year, we do what we can.”

Their son is staying with friends and family.

Montague says police had been to the house a couple of times before.

And the man was charged in 2011 with domestic violence assault.