Burnaby has (many) questions for Kinder Morgan

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Burnaby has (many) questions for Kinder Morgan

The City of Burnaby has submitted a hefty document to Kinder Morgan in response to their 15 thousand page pipeline and Tank Farm proposal.

“It’s more than 1500 questions that we are asking to have answered.”

Mayor Derek Corrigan says the 300 page document – sent via the National Energy Board – is focused on ways the proposal to triple the amount of oil shipped to and stored in Burnaby could threaten the city’s safety, and livability.

“Since the national energy board has deleted any opportunity for cross-examination, where they have indicated it isn’t really going to be a hearing, the only alternative is written questions.

He says Kinder Morgan has until June 13th to respond.


  1. Where has democracy gone? Dictatorial rule seems to be the order of the day. Eliminating open discussion has now become the norm. Witness the Site C hearings. Energy Minister Bill Bennett openly told the BC Utilities Commission they would not be welcome at the discussion table. Why? “We don’t want the talks to get bogged down with BCUC questions.”

    My only question. Why do we allow government to get away with this? Can you see anarchy and civil unrest in our future?

  2. Just ask them how much of this bitumen will be refined at the Burnaby refinery.
    The simple answer is none because they can’t.
    None of this bitumen will produce many jobs after construction.

    • The CEO of Kinder Morgan is on record saying at an oil spill would be good for the economy as an oil spill would create jobs (yes lots of jobs cleaning up the oil spill) ha ha … I wonder if that’s what Christy really has in mind when she’s always saying building a strong economy. Lots and lots of oil spills.

  3. A coastal spill would be a great way to change the name of Super Natural British Columbia to the dead zone.

    Industry experts keep telling us that the technology will prevent any spills. How do you control human error and mother nature? Does modern technology take care of that too?

  4. Alberta needs to export bitumen…and BC willing to help….much of Canada’s resources exit via BC export facilities ..BC wants to ensure that these resources create minimum damage during transport(pipelines,tankers) and storage ..on land and sea.Why then have the pipeliners and their shipping partners chosen the WORST POSSIBLE sites–and have stubbornly stuck with these ill-conceived plans ? Public outcry about these plans have been ignored by the proponents and the NEB ! A simple,doable solution exists —build one pipeline system from Alberta to Port Simpson(Enbridge and Kinder Morgan, in a common pipeline corridor) that provides open ocean access to world markets.Result is much less threat to environmentally sensitive areas(Douglas Channel) and the busy southern waterways –Burrard Inlet and the several tricky ocean passes in the Salish Sea..we all benefit and MR. Harper ‘might survive’ the as the Ultimate NEB)National Election Ballot) helps us to make this common sense decision.